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By: Do Differently  09-12-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Strategic Communication Skills

Whether or not your company has explicitly developed and communicated its core values, they exist. Your employees act out these values every day. How aligned are these values with the direction and vision of your company? These actions -- the day-to-day operating reality -- become the organization's culture.

What your employees' value influences their behaviours and guides their actions. Their actions drive the results. How closely are your organization's actual results aligned with your targets, goals and desires?

You and your management team are good leaders and successful in your field. Yet something is standing between you and your next level of achievement. Sometimes your people don't execute. Your people just aren't as engaged as they could be. Maybe it is a behavioural issue -- a small flaw that's hardly recognizable. Pehaps it's leadership style? Interpersonal skills?

In order to thrive, organizations need to continually change. You know that. However many people are adverse to change. From restructuring, mergers, acquisitions to simply implementing new ways of doing things, change can be frightening. In order to implement change, you need to take into account both the people factor and the process.

At Do Differently we work with your people to facilitate positive change within your organization. While change may be uncomfortable, with coaching, your people are aligned and onboard. Clear communication and structured processes are the keys to effective change management.


Thinking of making a career change or currently in transition between roles? Having the help of an impartial professional who listens and draws out and supports the best of you can be the difference between success and just getting by.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

What you need is a way that you can use to help you do what matters most. And to make delegation work for you, instead of against you.


Time to move your team forward to the next level? Consider a Do Differently Workshop to create positive changes in the thinking of the behaviour of your team. Do Differently workshops can be purchased individually or as part of a comprehensive package including executive, individual and team coaching.

Strategic Communication Skills for Managers, Leaders and Team Players

The Coaching Clinic® provides both the technology and process to develop a new workplace model to achieve your goals.

Bring out the best in your team.

Whether it is matters relating to behavioural issues, or performance improvement, or development needs - what is holding your people back from engaging in those difficult conversations that need to be had?

The power of leveraging one's strengths more fully

Making Meetings Work

Is it really that meetings are bad? Or is how the meetings work, (or don't work)? How they are run?

Developing a culture based on trust

How the best managers use recognition to engage their people

Need a speaker who gets the point across?

Bill Swift and Wendy Knowles would be delighted to discuss your objectives.

Current Topics

Bill Swift

  • Arrive Alive, Stay and Thrive
  • Meeting Madness No More
  • What Got You Here, Will it Get You There?

Wendy Knowles

  • The Artful Conversation- Leadership in the Moment  
  • Now is the time - Leveraging Key Strengths for Success 
  • Grace Under Pressure – The Being of a Leader 

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Keywords: Coaching, Strategic Communication Skills

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