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By: Djinn Software  09-12-2011

Jade is an integrated collection of open source technologies that have been built, tested and tuned by us through years of effort.  Jade has both a free (open source) component and a proprietary component.

Jade Web Development Platform

The Jade Web Development Platform is an integrated collection of open source tools that provide the following benefits to the applications we develop:

  • Database Access
  • Security
  • Navigation
  • Performance Management / Tuning
  • Form Development
  • Data Validation
  • Automated deployment

With the Jade Web Development Platform your application starts with a set of proven, integrated tools that allow us to start developing business functionality immediately.

Jade Web Management Platform

The Jade Web Management Platform is proprietary software that puts the configuration of applications into the hands of a non-technical administrator.  The Web Management Platform provides a fully integrated content management system that includes following features:

  • Content management for multilingual applications including 'template content' that can be refined for more specific locales.
  • Customization of all data field names and error messages

With the Jade Web Management Platform you have a powerful tool for making your application appear just the way your users like it. This can drastically reduce errors and support/maintenance costs.

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Given the pervasiveness of technologies, we recognize that it is often difficult to have a business discussion without touching on the underlying / enabling technologies. We are available when you need someone to 'talk technical' to your prospects, clients or business partners regarding the applications we develop or support.