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By: Disus  09-12-2011
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Implementing an ERP system is something most organizations only do once; unless like Disus, enterprise software implementations are your business.

With 20 years of enterprise experience, Disus has accumulated tremendous expertise in the four disciplines critical to successful implementations and upgrades.

We can assist in selecting the right hardware/network set-up for the job and making sure that it performs to your needs.

Operating Systems
We've implemented and supported ERP in all flavors of UNIX as well as Microsoft NT.

We have extensive experience in tuning and optimizing Oracle, Informix, and SQL Servers to work with ERP, as well as in providing archiving and DBA services for our customers.

As an ERP vendor alliance partner, we can assist you with any issues arising from the implementation and functionality of your ERP software and components, including customizations, patch management, upgrade management, and troubleshooting.

Behind every effective ERP implementation there's an effective service specialist. Disus is a master at implementing, optimizing and maintaining all the layers and components of enterprise systems and networks.

  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Porting set changes and upgrades
  • System management & support
  • System administration & license management
  • General troubleshooting
  • Oracle, Informix, and SQL Server database administration
  • Data conversions
  • Patch testing and installation
  • Scheduled maintenance and archiving
  • Benchmarking and performance tuning
Partnership with an experienced ERP specialist is a cost-effective way to realize the full value of your enterprise system.
Discover the value of experience.

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Disus | Barcoding

Receipt (Discrete Orders, Supply Chain, ASN)- Put-away- Inventory transfer- Inventory adjustment- Material transfer- Generate orders complete- Picks- Cycle counts- Item inventory query- Item location query- Generate inbound/outbound advice- Generate shipping, packing slips, bill of lading & freight charges.


Disus | Integration & Customization

Repeatedly, Disus has demonstrated that the integration of legacy and 3rd party systems is cost-effective, extending the functionality and adding value to the enterprise system. ERP systems provide companies with unprecedented access and control of the data from virtually all business processes - from finance, to supply chain, to product configuration.


Disus | Services Overview

Disus is a master at optimizing all the layers of enterprise systems - hardware, operating systems, databases, and 2-tier/3-tier configurations. Disus can provide your organization with Baan IV or ERP Tools and System Administration Training. Integration of 3rd party and legacy systems increases the usefulness of enterprise software. Disus services help companies to fully harness the power of their enterprise systems.