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By: Discover The Edge  09-12-2011

As an individual, YOU are your greatest asset. Self-discovery is the starting point to tapping into your unique strengths and unleashing the greatness within you. Increase your level of awareness, identify your strengths, build your confidence and learn to relate more effectively with others. Make choices that move you in the direction you want to go and become the person you were designed to be. 

As a company, your greatest asset is your people – YOUR TEAM. When your team understands themselves and others better and collectively focuses on developing their strengths, they will be happier, more productive and a greater asset to you. People move products, products don’t move people. The benefits you will reap include a more cohesive corporate culture, less conflict, less employee turnover and an increase in customer satisfaction, sales and repeat business. As a result, you will realize a substantial gain in productivity, profitability, and overall increase to your bottom line.