Digital Inquiry » research

By: Digital Inquiry  09-12-2011

Digital Inquiry » research

Research plays a crucial role in the strategic direction of organizations and businesses alike… but far too often researchers are simply left wondering what the results actually mean.

Digital Inquiry’s innovative and scientifically-grounded research methods and sophisticated analytics provide deliverables that are informative andmeaningful. Our proprietary multimedia web-communications platform allows us to gather quantitative survey data and open-ended interview responses from participants en masse, while maintaining privacy and providing convenience for respondents.

The open-ended responses are rich in detail and allow our powerful mixed method analytics to formulate an in-depth understanding of the respondent’s true attitudes and opinions. Using this method we can provide information about the reasons and motivations that more superficial underlie quantitative survey results. This is all done in an environment that provides respondents with an engaging experience, thereby enhancing the information content of responses.

If the goal of your research is to find out what is really happening, then we can help you.

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Whether you need an open-ended survey, a multiple choice or a combination of both, our latest online product 'Query' is a database driven survey and analyst tool. Let us show you how you can engage your web users using our latest survey module. You don't know what you;re missing.