Cargo Security for Global Import and Export

By: Descartes  09-12-2011

Global import and export cargo security is in place to improve the sharing of information gathered by the trade community with the government bodies around the world. With this information government systems can screen cargo and parties for what they perceive to be at risk and take appropriate actions be they refusing the goods or planning for inspection prior to discharging them within their countries.

Descartes provides a wide range of solutions to ensure cargo security compliance. Integrated into Descartes’ Global Filer, a single dashboard that enables collaboration between multiple parties to address customs filing, Descartes’ solutions to manage cargo security offer increased visibility and control of your compliance processes.

Descartes provides the Importer, Customs Broker, Forwarder and Carrier a toolset created to address their respective roles and obligations:

  • Advanced Manifest Filing systems and system integration to address import security around the world.
  • Dashboarding and reporting facilities to monitor, audit and report on security initiatives.
  • Screening tools for parties and products to ensure national anti-terrorism screening and compliance with corporate procedures on purchasing.
  • Validation and routing engines, which allow for ERP initiated messaging without need for user interaction to send messages to and from governments.

As governments around the world have rolled out new electronic reporting requirements, Descartes has continued to offer a multi-modal global unified suite of electronic customs filing tools for Importers and Exporters, Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarders:

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