IDI News » Annet King

By: Dermal Institute  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dehydrated Skin

IDI News » Annet King

Generally, we all suffer from dehydration; the body, after all, is about 75% water and a perfect target for moisture zapping environments. If unaddressed, dehydration can also lead to increased skin sensitivity and inflammation. In the case of oily skins, it can lead to an actual increase in more sebum production. Yep, that alcohol in the drugstore acne product dried your skin out and then made your breakouts worse. But dehydration is a skin condition and can affect any skin type. It’s caused by multiple factors which you should verbally cross check while conducting your consultation or when retailing. For example-

Environment: Low humidity, warm and cold weather, air conditioning, sun exposure and flight travel.

Products: Stripping cleansers and toners, over exfoliation and make up.

Diet & Lifestyle: Medications, high sodium foods, lack of water consumption, caffeine, soda intake and of course alcohol.

Dehydrated skin is thirsty skin and needs to be rehydrated while vital moisture is locked in. Recommend a gel or cream cleanser; a gentle, daily exfoliant; hydrating spritz toner; gel-based masques and concentrated serums with Hyaluronic Acid to layer beneath a medium weight moisturizer.

True dry skin is a genetic skin type and is not confined to face and hands but experienced over the entire body. The sebaceous glands are smaller and under-active, and the follicle opening is tight and fine. Lines will be more evident, and in winter months the extremities will be itchy and flakey. Ask your clients who complain of dry skin whether they experience this even in their hair and scalp. This skin requires oil-rich emollient products to nourish and stimulate, so recommend creamy cleansers, antioxidant packed toners, full body exfoliation, replenishing vitamin-based serums and eye products and heavy weight moisturizers.

Whatever the skin dilemma, we welcome it with open arms, hands, eyes and ears! This is our unique role as professional skin therapists – who else can truly guide clients and consumers to their healthiest skin?

Keywords: Dehydrated Skin

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