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By: Decode  09-12-2011

Insights – Decode

DECODING Digital Connections

Having a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace requires understanding how young people interact online with brands and with one another.

DECODE’s Decoding Digital Connections (DDC) syndicated online study is a comprehensive and cost-effective exploration of how young people engage with one another and with brands through online and mobile channels, with a particular focus on social media. Our customized reports will allow your marketers to hit the ground running with actionable insights that will prove invaluable to your organization as it seeks to develop and validate a social media strategy for young generations.

We apply ad hoc as well as customized segmentation models to a robust dataset in order to produce a highly granular understanding of how young people within your target market influence one another and interact with brands in the online context. This information can be leveraged to maximize return on investment in online communications, by helping your marketers tailor your strategy to divergent segments of the online population.

Let DECODE establish DDC as the foundation of your social media knowledge base!

The study is available for four markets: Canada, Germany, UK, and US.

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Innovation – Decode

We collaboratively engage all relevant stakeholders within your organization, as well as some of the targeted potential online brand champions, in order to facilitate the development of a social media strategy that will help position your brand as a leader in the eyes of the most influential consumers of today and tomorrow.


Innovation – Decode - innovation

The organization was looking to increase the number of Business students pursuing a CGA designation in Ontario, as opposed to competing designations in and beyond accounting. DECODE provided qualitative and quantitative benchmarking of students perceptions of the designation, and provides annual tracking to measure impact of on-campus activities.