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By: Decisioning Solutions  09-12-2011

Helping companies succeed in competitive customer-centric markets

In a customer-centric market, organizations need to manage customer acquisition costs, credit risk, customer attrition and other operational issues. That’s where Decisioning Solutions steps in. The solutions and services offered by Decisioning Solutions are ideal for organizations that conduct business in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace.

Industry segments that we are pleased to serve include:

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The ability to have immediate access to decisions and the data necessary in the decision process is valuable for any type of analyst/care intervention but unfortunately is not readily available due to IT and system constraints. URetrieve allows fully secure thin client retrieval of previously automated decisions and the information that comprised the decisions -- such as derived variables, third party data -- for immediate analyst intervention.


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Decisioning Solutions has completely removed these restrictive barriers by enabling business users of Decision Suite™ solutions to configure unlimited predictive models into their decision strategies, as well as analyze them for validations and predictive powers with uAnalyze™.


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All Decisioning Solutions' solutions and analytics are based on our philosophy of uCVM™; therefore, use of one or more Decision Suite™ solutions can ensure that each internal department treats each customer consistently in accordance with their current organizational value throughout the customer lifecycle.