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By: Dayforce  09-12-2011
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There are always many issues that must be incorporated into schedules, and lots of tasks that need to be accomplished. We know that juggling a workforce can be harder than juggling flaming torches. The manager has to balance corporate goals with employee well-being, and shifts with employee availability and peak/non-peak times. On top of this, there are unexpected circumstances can arise and new issues can come up, disrupting a tested schedule and regulations that dictate how schedules can be organized.

Dayforce Labor Scheduling allows your managers to stay sharply focused on corporate measures while preparing and adjusting employee schedules according to their preferences. The solution helps managers create shifts that meet business needs and employee availability, while avoiding over-and under-staffing. Our unique approach to scheduling ensures that your managers act in line with corporate goals. The module takes the ability to automate scheduling beyond our competitors’ products. It is the only scheduling solution that automatically prepares default schedules that optimize KPI performance. As your managers manipulate the schedule, our solution gives them real-time visibility into the effects of potential schedule changes to department KPIs, floor coverage, schedule policies, employee availability constraints and other regulatory hour and wage rules.

The application:

  • Prioritizes KPI achievement in making schedules
  • Integrates seamlessly in a single application with Dayforce's Time and Attendance, Task Management and Planning modules
  • Manages overtime and premium pay scenarios proactively
  • Manages compliance risk and balances business needs with employees' work life
  • Allows mid-period adjustments at any level in the organization and automatically adjusts coverage visibility

When you use Dayforce Scheduling, you can instantly see the impact of forecasts and schedules on KPI achievement, keeping front-lines in line with corporate goals. Your managers can also use week-to-date and period-to-date KPI feedback to further optimize their zones’ performance over time.

Dayforce Scheduling helps you:

Align your workforce with enterprise goals. Your managers can understand the KPI impact of changes to forecasts and schedules and can make data-driven staffing decisions aligned with corporate targets.

Increase store revenue

. Changing a schedule can really change how an organization performs. There is always an ideal number of workers who should be working at a time, though that number is often hard to figure out. Dayforce gives your managers the ability deploy your workforce in the best way to meet business demands and achieve Key Performance Indicators. They’ll know when to schedule employees’ shifts in ways that improve customer service and increase conversion rates.

Boost employee satisfaction

. You can give employees exceptionally usable self-service capabilities that help them balance work-life challenges, help you consider individual preferences when you organize the schedule, and reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.

Avoid compliance violations

. You can prevent costly violations of union regulations amd hour and wage laws with real-time compliance alerts.

Optimize staffing coverage for performance

. You can reduce the costs associated with unproductive over-staffing and virtually eliminate undesirable overtime and premium pay scenarios. Turn your employees into profit centers.

The Dayforce Scheduling module is a milestone in the evolution of scheduling. It shows users the impact of potential changes to their schedules by using the drag and drop adjustments feature. The single application ensures KPI-driven workforce performance in line with your organization’s goals. The solution incorporates the capabilities that your company deserves to help it succeed.

 The Labor Scheduling module:

  • Leverages local traffic patterns and transactional distributions to model business cycles.
  • Plans coverage using base and flex standards for coverage, service and support.
  • Generates automated and semi-automated schedules to comply with internal policies and external regulations.
  • Reviews schedule and incremental optimization adjustments through a built-in automated schedule assistant. 

All parts of the Dayforce application connect seamlessly, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring that employee payroll reflects scheduling exceptions.

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Keywords: Scheduling, Task Management

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