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By: Dayforce  09-12-2011
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We know that planning daily tasks always turns out to be more difficult that you expect. Some people say to hope for the best and plan for the worst, but we don’t take such a gloomy look on things. Dayforce Labor Forecasting helps you create plans based on realistic projections from Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The module gives you live feedback about how plans and adjustments affect projected results along these indicators. At the same time, Dayforce Labor Forecasting compares these projections to corporate goals and shows managers how decisions affect workforce performance.

Our Labor Forecasting module is built with the best practices compiled from some of the world’s leading companies. The module:

  • Integrates KPI targets in real-time based on a corporate plan, forecasts or manager-adjustments.
  • Includes a forecasting engine that can regenerate coverage at any time, for any zone.
  • Budgets even for non-service oriented tasks and events.
  • Reduces labor planning cycle times.
  • Controls labor costs as a percent of revenues.
  • Increases budget accuracy and ensures execution.

The Dayforce Labor Forecasting Advantage

With Dayforce, your labor planning and budgeting is always Performance-Driven™. Your corporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals are embedded in our application in order to help you achieve your performance targets for divisions, stores and departments. Your managers can make proposed changes to their plans and see the impact of their adjustments to forecasted performance along KPI measures in real time. Our solution carries these KPIs through our


processes, ensuring that the corporate plan is always your goal. All your schedules - proposed and actual - are judged against targets you established. Our labor budgeting methods can strengthen accountability across your organization by tying corporate goals directly to division, department or store-level performance. You’ll be able to control short-term plans in every organizational unit and truly understand how your company works.

Get instant KPI feedback.

We strive to be a partner to your organization’s success, so corporate performance is central to Dayforce Labor Forecasting. Using our solution, you can see how workforce management changes impact KPI achievement and increase visibility and accountability for company performance. Our competitors' products may have the capabilities to do this as well, but because our solution is a single solution and not a suite, KPI calculations can be done instantly and easily. Doing these calculations in suites is difficult, time-consuming and tedious, so managers do not take advantage of their uses.

Optimize your labor planning process.

 Dayforce has an exceptionally friendly, colorful interface that automates complex labor planning processes across the enterprise. You can adjust plans and instantly understand how your changes impact your corporate performance measures.

Forecast accurately.

 Dayforce uses staffing requirements, employee attendance data and productivity standards to create accurate labor budgets and forecasts to set the stage for dynamic store-level changes that respect your goals.

Adjust operations to performance measures.

 The Dayforce forecasting engine gives your organization the ability to make proactive coverage adjustments mid-week in response to changing performance measures such as Sales per Associate Hour, Average Hourly Rate or any metric you may want to track.

Dayforce Labor Forecasting Capabilities

The Dayforce Labor Forecasting module is a fully-featured labor forecasting solution. It:

  • Sets operational targets in clean and simple terms that make sense for your business.
  • Applies corporate operating plans and budgets leveraging store-level inputs.
  • Creates initial plan detail and allow for dynamic store-level adjustments to account for actual results.
  • Compares store achievement with operational targets with rich interactive KPI feedback.
  • Forecasts performance for the company, division, department or store at any time, even mid-week.

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