DataWizard - SecureStream SSL Client

By: Datawizard  09-12-2011

SecureStream is a high performance ActiveX COM DLL for Windows NT/2000/XP that allows developers to quickly write applications that transparently communicate using SSL over TCP/IP with almost any Winsock or socket component, including Microsoft’s MSWINSCK.OCX.  Using industry standard encryption that is identical to what is used in online banking today, SecureStream allows the conversion of existing applications to communicate securely using SSL by slightly modifying the application, or the creation of a new application using most third party network components.  This means a lower overall cost to convert existing applications to be secure (as they do not need to be re-written from scratch), as well as the flexibility to use whichever network component or code you wish to, and still be able to communicate securely using SSL.SecureStream has methods that let you provide it with data as it arrives.  SecureStream processes this data, and then provides notification via an event when data is decrypted and ready to be received by the application. It also provides an event for when SecureStream has data ready to be sent, as well as when a connection is, or needs to be, closed.The following is a brief list outlining some of the features that SecureStream Client offers:

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