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By: Dalenyi  09-12-2011
Keywords: Assays, Microplates, Primary Antibody,

  • High-binding microtiter plates with excellent sensitivity for ELISAs and other bioassays
  • Primary antibody or antigen binds in just minutes (no overnight incubation required)
  • Run and even repeat an assay all in one day, without the need for costly kits
  • Improved binding & sensitivity in assays with low-binding antibodies/molecules (versus "gold standard" microplates)

Get swift, reliable protein binding.

Product Description
96 well clear polystyrene microplates with flat bottom wells.

SWIFTplate™ microplates have a high-binding surface designed for use in Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbant Assays (ELISAs), as well as other assays involving protein binding. They provide high levels of primary antibody or anitgen binding in just minutes at room temperature, replacing the overnight primary antibody coating step in traditional ELISA protocols. This gives SWIFTplate™ users the flexibility to run an assay in a single day, without having to buy expensive kits with pre-coated plates.

SWIFTplate™ microplates have also been demonstrated to provide superior protein/antibody binding and assay sensitivity for low-binding molecules. Traditional high-binding plates just don't compare.

Save Time, Save Money:   Get better results faster - no overnight antibody binding, no kits required!

Other Applications
Dalenyi's proprietary high-binding surface can be applied in many different kinds of assays where protein binding is important. SWIFTplate™ microplates can be used directly for microplate assays, but we are also working to expand our product line to other formats and materials. We work with researchers to develop custom surfaces for various applications. Contact us for more information.

SWIFTplate™ Versus Conventional High-Binding Microplates
SWIFTplate™ Versus Conventional High-Binding Microplates

Storage Conditions
Store at room temperature.

See the SWIFTplate™ Advantage for yourself! Save time and money in your bioassays, and get better sensitivity with low-binding molecules.

Please tell us about your intended use, to help us improve our products.

Keywords: Assays, Microplates, Primary Antibody,