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By: Creative Traction  09-12-2011

A great agency today can look at digital and brand planning and understand the importance of both. Having a greater understanding of your clients’ brand is pretty awesome. Knowing how to take that brand online is even better… especially if you can execute on that great digital idea you’ve is another. To many planners are great at idea, however, have no knowledge about what those ideas cost in resources (money, time, technology) to bring that idea to life.

The other side of the coin is the great digital agency who can’t bring your brand online because all they know are ideas. They can’t help you unify that idea across the Internet and make it sing. Instead of buying the either or situation. go to an agency that can bring you both.

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Nielsen’s recent Social Media Report revealed the size of the audience and the degree of consumption across social networking platforms in the U.S., and now new research by NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey Company, further explores the reasons U.S. social media users visit these sites. Since 68 percent of social media users go to sites to review and read product reviews before buying a product or services.


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Digital Strategy Taking all the knowledge from helping create the client pitch, watching trends as we conduct primary/secondary research and doing stakeholder interviews to gather client buy-in, I help formulate ideas for client campaigns that are long-term view in and work with their current technology used in-house.


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However, in the last few years Toronto and many urban cities around the world has seen the rise of free events, unconferences or otherwise, and the dismantling of paid of events. In the last few years I’ve been going to more conferences, both as a speaker and attendee, and seeing the ins and outs of what makes a great conference. Speakers are what encourage us to pay to go to an event. Venue was important and more so the speakers.