Duplicate Document Checker - Check Transactional Documents for Duplicity

By: Crawfordtech  09-12-2011

Duplicate documents are costly. No one likes to talk about it openly, but Industry experts put the annual cost of duplicate documents at over $3 billion. You can now quickly and inexpensively avoid this expense, as well as the untold damage to your organization’s reputation that would be caused by just a single run of duplicate statements, informational documents, bills, invoices or most critically, of payment documents .

CrawfordTech’s PRO Duplicate Checker provides an innovative solution to manage the risk of duplicate document production by automatically comparing each document against a database of previously processed documents. It then delivers alerts to the appropriate personnel, enabling timely intervention that prevents any further processing and distribution of the duplicate documents. CrawfordTech’s PRO Duplicate Checker is flexible enough to work with both electronic and print documents within your existing document production processes either before composition, during composition or before printing.

Watch this video to learn more about the high cost of accidental duplicate document production

Watch this short video to learn more about CrawfordTech's PRO Duplicate Checker

CrawfordTech’s PRO Duplicate Checker can be quickly, easily and inexpensively implemented, unlike traditional solutions, which require sizeable budgets and long IT projects to get off the ground. As such the prevention of a single incident of duplicate document production makes the payback on CrawfordTech’s PRO Duplicate Checker immediate.

By quickly, inexpensively and automatically managing the risk of sending out duplicate customer documents, CrawfordTech's PRO Duplicate Checker directly and positively impacts your bottom line by protecting your brand image, eliminating unnecessary production and postage costs, and eliminating all the other costs associated with duplicate document production.

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