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By: Cpni  09-12-2011
Keywords: Banking Services, financial institutions, Mobile Phone

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PATbank enables Financial Institutions to customize a full suite of dynamic mobile banking solutions for their retail, private banking and wealth management customers.

The content, control, features and flow are bank specific and can be modified without changing or re-installing the mobile client. This lowers the cost of deployment and allows each bank to customize their competitive offering.

Banks can also deliver personalized services for individual customers, providing direct marketing opportunities and an improved customer experience.

End User Experience

The bank-branded PATbank software downloaded to the customer’s mobile phone provides access to banking services and other available PAT products.

Abbreviated Call Flow

Benefits to Financial Institution

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Ability to control and customize the product
  • Improve customer banking experience
  • Introduce new services or add features without updating the mobile client
  • Ability to generate personalized services for individual customers
  • Ability to offer direct marketing opportunities
  • Reduce operating expenses by encouraging customers to use lower cost self service methods
  • Multilingual

Benefits to Bank Customers

  • Anytime, anywhere access to banking information
  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Single sign-on to send money, make purchases or access mobile banking

Keywords: Banking Services, Financial Institution, financial institutions, Mobile Banking, Mobile Phone

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For merchants, PATbuy provides a single integration point and a simple service interface to reduce implementation time and cost, avoiding the need to address each customer’s bank individually, while allowing existing ecommerce investments to be leveraged. Consumers use their phone to pay for products or services while Financial Institutions and merchants benefit from new revenue opportunities.


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The worldwide number of users of mobile banking and related services is forecasted to grow from 55 million users in 2009 at a compound annual growth rate of 59.2 percent to reach 894 million users in 2015Source. By the end of 2009, that number had already reached 4.6 billion subscriptions, or a 67 percent global penetration rateSource: International Telecommunications Union,February 23, 2010.


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CPNI is committed to helping banks defend and grow their payments franchise by allowing payments, money transfers and access to banking services to occur with convenience, speed, security and low cost using a mobile phone. The PAT platform presents Financial Institutions with new ways to generate revenue while leveraging their existing processes and settlement network.