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By: Cornerspace Mobile  09-12-2011

Complete mobile data security solution, which ensures that users will not have to worry about losing their precious phone data. The primary objective of Data Backup service is to provide an over-the-air (OTA) mechanism for the backup and restoration of data on mobile phones. CMAB takes a backup of the data on the subscriber's phone, and stores it in a secure network server. Further benefits are protection against theft, it comes with a built-in Anti-Theft application.

It provides online secure, safe and easily retrievable storage (on an independent server) of the “phone data” with following main features of the BASE PRODUCT

Contact Backup

A network based Address Book storage & retrieval solution with unlimited capacity.

  • Enables users to set up and maintain a permanent, personal & secure mobile phonebook on the web and keep it in step OTA with the phonebook on their mobile phones (and vice versa).
  • It works seamlessly on all Smart phones over GPRS via standard WAP gateways.
  • It also works for non GPRS enabled mobile phones.
  • Allows a convenient access to the address book from any web connected device.

Photo/ Video/Multi-Media Backup:

  • Seamlessly transfer of Photos/Videos in near Real time
  • Other Multimedia backup - Ring-Tones, Wallpapers etc.
  • Unlimited storage & retrieval capacity.
  • On-line Content sharing for pleasure or profession

SMS Backup
– Seamless backup of all SMS transactions.

Anti Theft – Ability to lock/paralyze the phone in case of theft or loss.

Phone freeze

In the event of loss / theft of phone, the user can send an SMS command from his/her friend’s mobile phone to activate the ‘phone freeze’ feature. When activated -

  • Phone keys stop responding
  • Phone automatically freezes even if restarted
  • Default phone-screen is no longer visible to the user
  • Phone screen displays an icon with information that its lost, and
    can be returned to the owner’s address
  • Phone sounds off a police alarm, and wont stop until unfrozen or
    switched off

Thief identification feature
– When the SIM is changed, an SMS is sent to the owner’s phone number and to the owner’s friend’s phone number(number from which FREEZE command was sent), with information of the thief’s phone number.

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