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By: Cooking Up  09-12-2011


Cooking lessons are taught privately either on a one on one basis, or to a small group of up to four people. The lessons can accommodate a variety of skill sets from beginner to intermediate, as well as a variety of cuisines.  

Introductory lessons begin with teaching proper knife skills then moves onto the preparation of salads, soups, side dishes and different techniques for cooking meat and fish.  During the intermediate lessons, cooking techniques build on the basics and go on to include making sauces, consommes and souffles.    A number of cuisines may also be included either whole or in part into the cooking lessons. These cuisines include Caribbean cuisine, Italian cuisine and Indian cuisine.  Cooking lessons can either take place at the home of the students or at Bryan's place.   Menus and ingredient lists are given out ahead of time in order for the shopping to be completed if you choose to have the lessons at your place.  Bryan can also be booked to go shopping with you if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with shopping for food.  The cost of lessons for one or two people is $25/hour and $35/per hour for groups of three or four people.  Classes are an average of three hours, although some lessons can be lengthened or shortened to fit particular needs. 


Despite the fact that dinner parties can be a great opportunity to entertain friends and family, sometimes, we do not want to deal everything that can go along with it. This is where we at Cooking Up come in, and can ease your worries so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the company of those gathered.
Buffet or plated brunches and dinner parties and can be booked for as few as four and as many as sixteen people, while hors d'oeuvre parties can be made to accommodate parties of up to 60 people.  A variety of menus can be selected (there are some sample menus on the menus page), or created to fit your particular needs and themes to  ensure that your special evening is full of memorable moments.  

A new and exciting offer where a 3,4 or 5 course dinner is available for two people at Bryan's place on Saturday night with starting from just $60 per person.  During this quiet, intimate evening, you will be able to bring the wines of your choice to enjoy with a meal prepared especially for you.  This new and exciting offer starts as of October 3rd, 2009, so book now to reserve your table.    

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