The Corsential Vision • Customer Experience Management

By: Consumer  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Experience Program

  • Activate positive change on your front line
  • Provide every responsible manager with the tools to improve loyalty and operational efficiency
  • Continuously monitor the pulse of your customers, ensuring all levels of your organization are committed to becoming a Loyalty Leader
  • Deliver metrics, insight and action via a reporting portal that is accessible and individually optimized for each manager

Building on forty years of experience, Corsential delivers all the major services you need for an award-winning customer experience program – design/specification, program management, reporting, text analytics, change management and staff training.Corsential is your Business Growth Driver

The Problem:

The business environment today is as tough as it can get. Driving growth and increasing the customer base is a challenge for every business. At the same time, you must protect and nurture your most valuable asset - your customer. The cost of losing customers far outweighs the cost of keeping customers. Typical marketing and sales techniques are no longer enough in this environment. You need a new, affordable solution that provides the insights to drive your business to new heights.

The Opportunity:

It is far more efficient to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. It may cost 5 to 6 times more to find a new customer than what the investment might be to develop and retain a loyal customer, so, with funds in short supply, investing in customer retention and loyalty optimizes the ROI.

The Solution: The Corsential Customer Experience Program

An operating system for your business that drives positive action on your front line by clearly depicting what you’re doing right, what mistakes you’re making and what steps you can take to generate more sales.

The Tools:

The Corsential Customer Insight & Action Portal drives continuous improvement to your front line and across your organization. It uses data and insights collected from your customers to identify specific actions that will have the biggest positive impact on your business and your bottom line. Our solutions will enable you to become a Loyalty Leader in your industry. Loyalty Leaders have been shown to grow more than twice the average rate of their competitors.

The Corsential Customer Experience Program:

An effective and efficient solution that keeps your front-line managers continuously informed and initiates concrete actions to directly improve the customer experience. Your base of loyal customers will increase. These customers generate the highest volume purchases, the largest revenues and the most frequent referrals for new business.

  • Delivers daily customer intelligence and real-time reports that are immediately actionable at every level of the company, from line of business to individual service delivery units.
  • Reveals which customers are dissatisfied or at risk, for immediate follow-up.
  • Manages follow-up to ensure issues are resolved and learnings effectively applied
  • Uniquely identifies the factors that drive satisfaction among loyal customers and dissatisfaction among less loyal customers.
  • Identifies improvements that will have the biggest impact on customers and the business.

The Corsential process is powerful for one fundamental reason: it provides management with unfiltered and timely performance information for every sector or level of your business.

Because Corsential delivers insights directly from the customer to the manager, there is no confusion, no bias and no delay: it is a driver for immediate action.

Keywords: Customer Experience Program