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By: Connect Consulting Solutions  09-12-2011
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CCS aims to provide excellence in the field of government relations and negotiations consulting by listening carefully to our clients’ needs, providing in-depth analysis of stakeholder and government relationships, and offering practical advice and solutions to the people we serve.

Our purpose is to assist our clients in establishing long term relationships with government to obtain tangible results.

Lobby Campaign: Provincial, Federal, Municipal

If you have an issue and need to convince the government to move forward with your proposal or if you need a grant, change in legislation or are looking to be player at the table, you will need a Lobby Campaign.

  1. CCSolutions will identify which senior decision makers and what government officials need to be targeted by your organization.
  2. CCSolutions will arrange and attend meetings with these senior political officials and bureaucrats to help you initiate a working negotiation.
  3. CCSolutions will help you develop a refined message that will find political traction with the current government.
  4. CCSolutions will maintain and build upon your new working relationships and ensure that your issue continues to move forward.

Environmental Scan: Federal Government, Provincial Government, Municipal Government

For organizations asking the following questions:

  1. What do the elected officials and senior decision makers think about our organization and our issue?
  2. What do the bureaucrats think of about our organization and our issue?

CCSolutions will identify who the key political players are surrounding your organization's issue and conduct research in order to understand the current attitudes in both the political and bureaucratic arms of government. Clients can expect a report with direct quotes that will detail the government's current thinking, perspectives, and needs surrounding your organization and file as well as recommended strategies and tactics to move your file forward.

Federal MP or Provincial MPP Audit

This service is for organizations that are running Federal & Provincial Members of Parliament outreach campaigns.

will interview elected officials and perform an audit of your campaign to help you determine the effectiveness of your project, providing an unbiased third party assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your outreach campaign:

  1. What was really said during the meetings?
  2. What advice was offered by the elected officials during the meeting?
  3. Did the message get through?
  4. Did the message find any traction?
  5. What successes can be drawn from the experience?
  6. What improvements can be made to the campaign?

Organize Queen's Park or Parliament Hill Reception

After meeting with the relevant officials and presenting your case, you goals still require significant political support to be achieved. You can arrange a high profile event to catch the attention of all key officials and as many MP or MPPs as possible.

CCSolutions will provide the following service and support for your reception:

  1. CCSolutions will write and distribute – by email, fax, and mail – a formal invitation to all members of the government.
  2. We will follow–up via phone with the offices of each government official to raise awareness of the event and provide incentive for members to join in the reception.
  3. Offer logistical advice for the physical setup, menu, etc
  4. Brainstorming around a "hook", such as flowers, an industry specific gift basket, etc., to attract elected officials to the reception.
  5. CCSolutions consultants are always at Parliament Hill and Queen's Park, and dealing with Municipal officials. Our consultants will create "buzz" for your event.

Typically CCSolutions secures the attendance of between 40-100 government officials at the receptions we have organized.

Organize a Lobby Day

An excellent companion to the reception is a Lobby Day – a series of scheduled meetings with key government officials throughout the day of the reception.

Your organization will have an opportunity to relay your message, and seek officials’ advice, and add extra emphasis and "buzz" to your reception. CCSolutions can organize short meetings with approximately 10 - 15 of the key decision makers in their offices for half hour meetings, to deliver your organization's message and seek advice.

CCS offers association management services combined with our government relations work for organizations looking for accountable, complete management. Our experienced staff provides the in–house capacity to manage effectively, trim costs, improve efficiency, and generate revenue through sales.

Energy Consulting

CCS Energy will provide consultation and strategic advice with respect to pre–planning, system design, installation, and the service providers and project team members required to attain commercial operation of a roof–mounted renewable energy generating facility that will ”green“ your business and provide a new revenue stream.
Additionally CCS Energy will provide guidance and assistance with the submission and approvals required throughout the application process. 

Do people who affect your business know who you are, what you do, what you stand for and why you are important?

Our services help organizations:

  • Increase profile
  • Consult with communities/stakeholders
  • Develop important relationships
  • Be part of the decision-making process
  • Move key social policy issues to the top of the political agenda
  • Build community capacity
  • Find new revenue sources
  • Facilitate change by realigning priorities based on identified needs
  • Increase and retain membership
  • Develop non-traditional partnerships, including funding partners

Our Services

Communications, media, public and government relations

We can help you keep people enlightened, informed, and persuaded, whether you are communicating your message through personal meetings, newsletters, government briefs, media releases or letters.

Community Consultation
We will listen, ask probing questions, and find out what is important to people who use your services, make decisions about your services, or refer your services. Our written reports accurately reflect what we have heard. Our recommendations are ones that your organization can implement.

Organizational Development/Strategic Partnerships and Planning/Project Management
When you need to look in a mirror and decide how to move your organization into the future, we can help you maximize your resources, identify stumbling blocks, develop a shared vision, and move into the future with confidence.

Keywords: government relations

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