Strategic Staffing Services

By: Computer Task Group/ctg  09-12-2011

For decades, CTG has been studying, developing, and enhancing processes to address the challenges in strategic staffing services, vendor management, and subcontractor relationships. As a result of our efforts, we have worked with many firms to implement solutions that have yielded significant returns for our clients.

CTG's business is devoted to providing precisely the types of services you require. We supply quality technical labor in a consistent, cost-effective way, using streamlined processes and procedures. A dedicated team manages and supports these resources.

If any of the following attributes describe your company's IT talent requirements, CTG can help.

  • A high volume of contracted technical services through multiple suppliers
  • Single or multiple locations that use contracted technical services
  • A need for special, non-standard approaches to technical services fulfillment
  • A need to improve the current contracted services process in terms of cost, speed, and quality

Client Benefits

Lower Costs

  • Process efficiency
  • Comprehensive protection from co-employment exposure
  • Rate savings through leveraged volume for below-market pricing

Faster Response

  • Resumes available within hours
  • A higher candidate acceptance rate

Higher Quality

  • Reliable consultant retention throughout your project with less than 10% turnover
  • Dedicated account management and recruitment
  • Data-driven service level agreements

Less Hassle

  • Single point of contact
  • Fewest suppliers
  • Paperless process
  • Significant decrease in day-to-day process involvement by our clients

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