PRISM Mobile for Contingency Contracting

By: Compusearch  09-12-2011

During that early critical period when you first land in country – before you have infrastructure or any level of internet connectivity, PRISM Mobile will help you make those critical early buys.

PRISM Mobile provides the tools to capture electronic records of all your contingency contracting activity.  It gets acquisition records out of boxes, out of the weather, and helps to keep personnel out of harm’s way by eliminating the need for records to be physically transported through risky areas.

Everyone recognizes the importance of helping teams in theater get the services and supplies they need – when they need them. But it is equally important to capture all that data as part of a permanent acquisition record in a centralized database.  PRISM Mobile makes that possible and can be an important addition to your contingency contracting toolkit.

PRISM Mobile is part of a spectrum of delivery options available for PRISM. Over the last decade, PRISM has become the most successful acquisition solution in all of government. More than 100 federal agencies with locations around the world, and more than 40,000 users, rely on PRISM every day to manage their acquisition processes.

PRISM offers solutions for all levels of internet connectivity.  Users can run PRISM in full bandwidth, low bandwidth, and even intermittent and no bandwidth environments. And with PRISM Mobile, users are now fully equipped to run PRISM in contingency contracting environments.

With PRISM, you can integrate and capture the activity of users in even the most remote and difficult environments into a single, centralized acquisition database and then pass  that information to the Global Exchange where it can be shared across the Defense Community.

PRISM can be used anywhere!
PRISM is a proven, low risk  solution that is currently in use on six continents and has even been used in theater in the Middle East.

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