Membrane & Dessicant Compressed Air Dryers

By: Compressor Services  09-12-2011

Easy to Install and Operate

Benefits Of MMD Membrane Dryer

  • Works without moving parts, or external power source
  • Lightweight — can be installed in piping without additional support
  • In-line T type connections make for a clean looking easy to install system
  • Replaceable Membrane bundle
  • No operator attendance required
  • Simply pipe it and walk away

Performance Overview

Models 40-450 with Space Savings Features:

  • Integrated filtration within dryer footprint, optional
  • Reduce height due to outlet/purge piping in back of vessels instead of on top
  • Inlet switching valves are normally open, pneumatically piston actuated, Y-angle poppet valves
  • Purge/repressurization valves are normally closed, pneumatically piston actuated, Y-angle poppet valves
  • Three-way pilot solenoid valves are wired to the controller and used to direct pilot air to the actuators of the inlet switching/purge repressurization valves

Models 590-5400 Standard Features:

  • Left and right tower pressure gauges
  • Purge pressure gauge
  • Moisture indicator - alerts operator elevated dew point
  • Air operated butterfly valves and dual piston, double acting rack and pinion actuators
  • Single solenoid, four-way pilot valves are wired to the controller and used to direct pilot air to the actuators of the inlet switching and purge/repressurization valves
  • Check valves are soft seated for sure closure and minimal wear

Performance Overview

  • Reliable and durable air flow control components
  • Durable and efficient blower
  • Heater designed for long life
  • Insulation reduces heater size
  • Large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points
  • Quality tower design

Solid Desiccant DryerDesign

  • NEMA 4 components (protects against water spray and dust)
  • Easy change out cartridges
  • Full repressurization before tower switch-over causes less shocking of desiccant
  • No-plug mufflers
  • Solid state LED display
  • Flows 3 through 50 scfm


  • CNC machine tools
  • Air Turbines
  • Car wash controls
  • Dry powder coating

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