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By: Compressor Services  09-12-2011
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Heat Exchangers models RNC25 - RNC3000

  • Press-formed from AISI 316 Stainless Steel and sealed with 99.9% pure Copper brazing to created media flow channels

Herringbone pattern maximizes fluid turbulence to:

  1. Prevent fouling and ensure uniform temperature distribution
  2. Optimize energy efficiency
  • Non-fouling design does not require a prefilter.
  • Fully encapsulated in non-degrading foam insulation to preserve cooling effect.

Only the RSD Series Digital Scroll Refrigerated Air Dryers offer you:

  • Dewpoint Stability: 38 degrees F from 0-100% of rated flow
  • Energy Savings: up to 91% power reduction
  • Simplicity: less moving parts for maximum reliability
  • Energy Saving Controller provides at-a-glance operational security
  • 99% moisture removal
  • Dedicated zero-air-loss demand drains
  • Exclusive heat exchanger design

Dew Point Stability & Energy Efficiency..what a concept!

For decades, compressed air drying technologies have forced you to choose between pressure dewpoint stability and energy efficiency. Why? Because until the RSD Series was invented, it was virtually impossible to deliver both at the same time! Dew point stability relies on prompt responses of cooling-energy to the changes in heat load generated by swings in ambient conditions and compressed air flow. Energy savings result from interpreting those very same changes and then controlling the response of the refrigeration compressor.

Advanced Digital Scroll cooling technology holds your dewpoint steady and starts saving you money the minute you turn it on.l Digital Scroll compression uses environmentally friendly R-404a refrigerant and consumes less energy. You benefit with a steady 38 degree F pressure dew point that matches your plant air demand to the second and your drying costs to the penny.

The RHT Series replaces four separate components with one compact package

  • Aftercooler / Separator / Dryer / Filter
  • Accepts air directly from a compressor (up to 180°F, 82°C)
  • Eliminates troublesome moisture from downstream lines
  • Integral FIL Series Grade B coalescing filter removes particulates 3 microns and larger

Refrigeration System

  • Hermetic R407c refrigeration system - as reliable as a home refrigerator
  • Fan Switch - allows operation in ambients as low as 35°F, 1.6°C - saves energy
  • Hot Gas By-Pass Valve allows high pressure refrigerant gas to pass from the high side to the low side to maintain a consistent cooling temperature.

Four Pass System

1st & 2nd passes

  • Refrigerant mostly liquid
  • Volume displacement rods increase velocity

3rd & 4th passes

  • Refrigerant mostly gas
  • Swirl generators expose remain in liquid to tube walls

Efficient Design

  • Large surface area on the outside of the tubes matched to high heat transfer coefficient on the inside
  • Condensation occurs inside the tubes
  • Twisted tape swirl generators
  • No Prefilter Required
  • Tube surfaces resist fouling - wet, dirty air exposed to smooth tube walls and free floating swirl generators
  • Fully insulated heat exchangers, separator and air piping
  • Open cell urethane protected with a durable shroud

RHC Series pressure drops can be only 1 psi compared to the 5 psi market standard Built in FIL Series Grade B coalescing filter

Heat exchangers confirm to TEMA standards Pressure vessels ASME code constructed and stamped Interconnecting piping and framework assembled by code welders

Air side hydrostatically tested as an assembly

The RHP and FHP Series offers:

  • Industries like PET blow molding, injection molding,aeronautical valve are in demand for air systems that can handle 700-900 psig (49-63 bar)
  • Integral FIL Series B separator/filter on molds 64 scfm and above
  • Environmentally friendly R-404a
  • Pressure dew points of 38ºF (3ºC)
  • The stainless steel plate heat exchanger is designed for high pressure compressed air streams with a self-regulating refrigeration system to ensure a reliable dew point

RCD cycling refrigerated dryers provide stable 33–39˚F pressure dew point control with automatic energy savings operation. Cold energy storage system is precision engineered to guarantee that the refrigeration compressor uses no energy for at least 10 minutes during every cycle.

RCD Series is top of the line cycling technology:

  • Precision engineered for dew point performance and energy efficiency
  • Low operating cost—Cycling performance RCD series dryers store and actively circulate cooling energy allowing the dryer’s refrigeration compressor to maintain long off cycle
  • Rugged construction—High quality components makes the RCD easy to access and maintain
  • Energy efficient cycling operation matches energy costs to actual plant air demands
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant—R507 in models 200–600 scfm and R-22 in models 3,250–12,000 scfm, both efficiently absorb heat loads
  • Polyethylene tank is lightweight and durable. The tank is double walled, polyethylene filled with highly efficient foam to ensure maximum glycol insulation. Tanks are precision molded (no seams) to prevent leaks
  • Heavily insulated seamless Cold Energy Storage reservoir provides superior temperature stability
  • Proprietary smooth bare, copper heat exchangers for fast efficient heat transfer
  • Models RCD 200–600 have precision-fit steel cabinets with easy access panels are coated inside and outside with durable powder paint for protection and aesthetic
  • Consistent 33˚ F - 39˚F dew points under all rated flow conditions
  • Cold energy storage system reduces compressor run time to gain long component life
  • Selectable dew point settings increase energy savings

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