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By: Cojol  09-12-2011
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Each domain you register with Cojol can include one year of domain registration, one year of DNS services and one year of a personalized e-mail account including POP e-mail and Web mail bundled together for as little as $65 per year.

Managed DNS Service

You also get:

  • Complete control over your DNS records through a highly-intuitive web-based interface
  • The ability to easily move your DNS from your current DNS provider to this service automatically without having to reenter the zone information
  • Under Construction and customizable Domain For Sale web pages
  • Ability to direct other web sites to an existing site with domain forwarding
  • Combine domain forwarding with URL framing so that your visitors see the address you want them to, not the underlying address

Cojol offers Managed DNS services with each domain registration for as little as $45 per year.

Why Renew?

Registrants have a number of legitimate reasons to renew their domain names, the most compelling of which are outlined below;

Ongoing Business Concerns

Many existing domain registrations represent valid and legitimate business interests. To ensure the continuation of all associated Internet services registrants MUST keep domain name registrations current. Many registrants, if they've engaged in any sort of activity to promote their domain name, also have a significant interest in protecting their investment in promotion or marketing dollars spent to build traffic on the associated website.

Identity Protection

Even if a domain name has fallen into disuse, or if it simply remains unused, it is important for some individuals to maintain registrations so as to protect either individual or corporate identities or brands. Oftentimes a domain will continue to achieve significant levels of traffic that are basically generated as a result of prior, promotional or brand building activities. A recent trend has been identified wherein individuals register recently expired or branded domain names and redirect traffic to either competitive or sometimes completely unrelated sites. This act amounts to stealing the residual or inherent brand value of the domain name and can be easily protected by renewing a registration.

Future Prospects

Even if a domain name does not represent a current and ongoing concern, it may be a part of future plans. If a registration is not maintained, the domain name may not be available for use when the initiatives are launched.

* Approximately 60 Days prior to the expiration of your domain services, we will send you a notice and an invoice for the next year’s service; you will be required to pay the invoice within 30 days. This lead time ensures we have sufficient time to transition your services and maintain the registration of your domain. The invoice will contain a URL which includes the domain and e-mail service agreements for the services, the terms of which we require you to accept. Payment of the invoice will be sufficient proof of acceptance of the terms. If you want to review the terms at any time you may do so at

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Keywords: Internet Services

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