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By: Cojol  09-12-2011

News, Newsletter subscription and delivery, links, events, events registration, publications and on-line ordering, web documents for all other content, or ask us to work with you to customize an existing solution, or add a new solution to our suite of CMS products.

DynamicRelease™ CMS is a database driven application that allows content to be entered without the need to know web programming languages. The application is shared by many clients, but only your data is displayed on your site. What this means is that DynamicRelease™ CMS clients get many of the advantages of a custom database application at a fraction of the cost.

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Cojol Inc. - Strategic Internet Communications - development

Your site is always scalable, so whether you need to provide simple information and communications, or perform complex transactions and customer relationship management, we design your site with the ability to grow and adapt.


Cojol Inc. - Strategic Internet Communications - domainRegistration

Approximately 60 Days prior to the expiration of your domain services, we will send you a notice and an invoice for the next year’s service; you will be required to pay the invoice within 30 days. Oftentimes a domain will continue to achieve significant levels of traffic that are basically generated as a result of prior, promotional or brand building activities.


Cojol Inc. - Strategic Internet Communications - custom services

If you need to sell your products or services, we can offer a solution that integrates shopping carts with product literature, and with our partners we can provide you with on-line real time credit card transactions. And… if one of our existing tools doesn't meet your needs, we have the talented professionals that can custom design a solution to meet any challenge.


Cojol Inc. - Strategic Internet Communications - searchEngine

We can review your overall marketing plans for the product or service to help determine which keywords a potential user may enter, as well as which search engines and directories would be most appropriate. Placement in the results list of a search engine is also about what your target market will be looking for when they perform a search.