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By: Cognitive Structure  09-12-2011
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Information on definitive classical music recordings
Description: We have, for many years, been intensely involved in music; that is, virtually all forms and styles other than classical music. Although our knowledge of classical music is somewhat more developed than that of the average person, we are seeking to identify a number of recordings that are truly the most exceptional in their field. Over the coming weeks and months we plan to use the web to develop this list of essential classical music recordings and plan to document each step of the discovery process as it unfolds. Please feel free to contact us if you feel you can offer any assistance.

Awesome photos of a few of the greatest rock stars of the last 30 years
Description: Back in the good old days (say, late sixites to middle seventies) it used to be quite easy for the average fan to take a high quality camera to a rock concert. So, armed with a Canon FT/QL with a Vivitar 200MM telephoto, off we went to shows by Bob Dylan/The Band, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, The Who, Neil Young and (as they say) many, many more.

Decent Links
Description: In our opinion. Free!




Advice on what to eat under various circumstances

Concepts for new TV game shows
Description: There are some really excellent ones here that may be worth millions of dollars to the right producer. We offer them to you but only if you are willing to pay the access fee.

Martini Recipes
Description: Only one, but it's the best one and it can be yours for only $9.95

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Keywords: classical music, Classical Music Recordings, Music Recordings,