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By: Cogent Design Group  09-12-2011

This is a very simple guide to help you improve your website performance yourself and are a very good way to start to increase your web traffic.

If you are not the DIY type than please call us on 020 7269 9999 and we will be happy to advise you on how to drive more high quality visitors to your site.

A great many companies spend time and money on building a website but don't know how effective it is and what they should do to improve traffic and its contribution to the business.

The basic steps covered here are:

  • Install and understand your Google Analytics statistics
  • Make your pages and content visible to Google through Search Engine Optimisation
  • Use Link Building to improve your Google Page Rank and appear higher up in search results

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Logo Design & Corporate Identity

By promoting consumer interaction with your particular brand, you are constantly reinforcing the positive emotional relationship that a consumer associates with your brand, which in turn will encourage them to choose your brand over others on the market.


Top Ten Tips how to design PowerPoint Slides

We strongly advise that you avoid using non standard or corporate fonts in your presentation because special fonts have to be embedded within the presentation and can cause technical issues further down the line when shown on another PC or platform.


Advice on PowerPoint Presentations - Preparation

Create a logical structure Your audience need to know where you are going right from the start so tell them up front, but don’t be tempted to think that your agenda slide is necessarily a logical structure. I recently made a presentation on branding and offered a one on one branding workshop to audience members – this had a good response and achieved my objective of making follow up meetings.


Advice on PowerPoint Presentations - Delivery

This slide background carried over the branding from Motorola's “Shaping the Future” event into their presentation material - all branding and production was handled by Cogent. An alternative to using a projector, especially when presenting to smaller groups, is to connect your laptop to a large flat screen TV or computer monitor.