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By: Cmo Solution  09-12-2011

Social Media Strategy

CMO Solution Social Media programs provides companies the strategy, policy, enablement and measurement model to effectively apply social media vehicles to customer acquisition, retention, expansion and advocacy. The best practice approach to building a social media program is to develop an integrated communication, collaboration and content framework that produces consistent and productive dialogue with customers. Fundamental to social media strategy is the CMO Integrated Social Marketing™ program to develop a cross functional plan based on precision customer profiles, personalized content, strategic media routes and well defined relationship goals to ensure a company wide strategy that is targeted, controlled and measurable.

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CMO Solution | Marketing Solutions | Agility | Accuracy - accuracy

Orchestrate of the right offer, route, and message are targeted at the right customer at the right time. Snapshot and analysis of the ideal target customer’s profile, purchase behavior, scoring, and adoption. Comprehensive customer, market, message, route, and value audit to establish a customer value map.


CMO Solution | Marketing Solutions | Agility | Accuracy - agility

Architect a workflow and governance structure to maximize pace to market and minimize risk of delay or suboptimal quality. Audit of strategy, team, process, systems and market dynamics to set baseline for improvement and change.