CMMR - ES Cell Order Instructions

By: Cmmr  09-12-2011


For NorCOMM ES cell clones held at the CMMR, place an order through our online Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). New users must first register for a user account. Your Principal Investigator (PI) must also have a registered account on LIMS.

  1. From the Service Requests menu, select "Request a TCP Service".
  2. Search for Department "Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository (CMMR)".
  3. Select the appropriate withdrawal form from the list of available services:
    • Investigators from not-for-profit institutions select Gene Trap ES Cell Line Order, Not-for-profit or Targeted ES Cell Line Order, Not-for-profit
    • Investigators from for-profit institutions select ES Cell Line Withdrawal, For-profit or Targeted ES Cell Line Order, For-profit
    • To order NorCOMM targeting vectors, select Gene Targeting Vectors
  4. Fill in the remaining information on the Contact Information and User Forms using the information gathered in Step 1.
  5. Submit your request.

Information needed to complete ES Cell Requests

Service Request forms cannot be saved or edited after submission. Please make sure you have all the following information before placing your order:

  • Principal Investigator name (principal investigator must be previously registered in the TCP LIMS)
  • Billing information with payment method:
    • Hospital for Sick Children Investigators: Cost centre to which your requests should be billed
    • Other investigators: Preferred payment method and purchase order number, if necessary
    • Please note that service fees must be paid in full by cheque or credit card, or by receipt of a valid institutional purchase order, before cells are shipped to the requester.
  • Complete shipping information:
    • Shipping address with room and/or floor number, building, street address, city, (province/state), country and postal/zip code. Note that couriers will not deliver to postal box addresses. If additional room is needed, use the comments section on the request form.
  • Courier name and account number.
    • Courier and account information should be specific for international shipments, if ordering from outside of Canada. All cells will be shipped packaged in dry ice, so be sure that the courier you use accepts these types of shipments. Our customers commonly use DHL, FedEx and World Couriers.
  • Complete cell line ID (from CMHD, MFGC, IGTC, IMSR or other database), MGI gene symbol of the trapped or targeted gene, and the name of the production facility (CMHD or MFGC).
  • For ES cell lines, service charges must be paid in full prior to cells being shipped. This can be done by credit card, bank transfer, cheque, or money order, or by a valid institutional purchase order to the CMMR (use “The Hospital for Sick Children” as the vendor name).

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