Google Analytics Training Course - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By: Clickinsight  09-12-2011

Faculty of Information - The iSchool Institute
Next Date : January 25-26, 2012 

  • Has Google Analytics been installed on your organization’s website but you and your organization find the data interesting but not useful?

  • What can you do to improve usability, content findability, leads or search engine optimization?

This two-day intermediate course is intended for those who have Google Analytics already installed on at least one website and are interested in improving the effectiveness of their website(s) in delivering self-serve information content.

This course will help you turn Google Analytics from a data reporter into a truly useful analysis tool. Learn to use Google Analytics effectively by:

  • Defining your business outcomes

  • Interpreting metrics and drilling beyond standard Google Analytics reports to derive useful, actionable insight

  • Finding out who your 'best' visitors are and where they come from

  • Identifying content your visitors value more than others

  • Analyzing onsite search

  • Identifying which marketing campaigns are working and which are not.

  • Maximizing leads or sales through focus on landing pages

  • Tracking and managing 'goals'

    • Event goals such as downloads

    • Engagement goals such as forward to a friend or time on site

  • How to use the new Google Analytics features effectively:

    • Advanced in-report filtering

    • Secondary dimensions

    • Pivot tables

    • Intelligence alerts

    • Custom variables

    • Annotations

Attendance is limited.

  • This course is in a hands-on lab environment. Desktop computers have Internet access.

  • The basics of using Google Analytics for analysis will covered.

  • Some understanding of HTML and JavaScript is required to understand how goal and conversion tracking is enabled.

  • However, the attendee does not have to be the programmer who actually inserts the code

Participants who already have Google Analytics installed on their website and have Administrator access to their Google Analytics account will derive the most benefit from this course. Participants may chose to do their lab work on the demo account provided, or their own Google Analytics account. 

Specific learning outcomes for participants:

By the end of this two-day course, participants will be able to:

  • Drill down and filter report data

  • Understand profiles, filters and simple regular expressions (regex)

  • Create and apply advanced segments
  • Create custom reports and custom dashboards

  • Create custom alerts

  • Understand how custom variables can help you segment your visitors, and be able to start a discussion on your website developer about basic set-up


Participants should have a basic understanding of web analytics and page tagging methodologies. Pre-reading will be recommended. A familiarity with HTML and JavaScript is recommended but the participant does not have to be a programmer or coder.

Target Audience:

  • Web content owners, marketers & communicators who need to understand what is being used or not used on their website

  • Search engine optimization specialists or paid search campaign managers who want to measure landing page effectiveness and segment site behaviour by keyword, ad groups, geography and/or conversion.

  • Web analysts who have to explain to marketing, communication or other business managers how visitors are getting to their site, where they are coming from, what they are doing on the site as well as which marketing campaigns or traffic sources are more effective than others .

  • This course is not for:

    • Anyone who has never logged into a Google Analytics account and does not have a need to do so.  You will be lost and frustrated after the first day. If you are just looking to find out what Google Analytics can do for you, we recommend you review Google's Google Analytics Product Tour (Search for 'Google Analytics Product Tour' on Google).

    • Developers who are seeking help on Google Analytics installation or want to know how to use the Google Analytics API.  The API is not covered in the course.  [If this is what you're seeking, we can provide some assistance and direction to point you in the right direction. 


Past participants comment..

"June has excellent insight into the world of GA"

"Excellent delivery of the material. Responses to questions given in a kind and patient manner."

"June is very knowledgeable and approachable. Good examples used to support theory."

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