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By: Clearcenter  09-12-2011
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Intro to Remote Server Backup

There are two elements to Remote Server Backup - configuration and data. Configuration backs up the configuration of the ClearOS installation so that in case of an upgrade, failure or replacement, you can upload the configuration settings into the new installation to get it back online quickly. Data backup preserves the entire customer data set off-site so that it too can be restored quickly. Both configuration and data backup are critical to disaster recovery and business continuity.

Benefits of Remote Server Backup

Systems fail. Its not a matter of if, but when. Sometimes its a simple hardware failure, other times its configuration problem or external threat. If systems are fully and completely redundant, they have a lower likelihood of failure, but only Remote Server Backup preserves your configuration and data off-site. From the CEO to the administrative staff, employees want their network secure, reliable and data available at all times. Remote Server Backup maintains continuity and recovery for vital data. Everyone benefits.

How Remote Server Backup Works

ClearSDN establishes a secure connection and backs up the configuration data as specified by the admin. When ClearSDN Remote Server Backup pulls the server data, backups are compared with previous backups to only upload incremental changes. This methods preserves backup space and bandwidth while retaining the latest changes to the data. The frequency of the backup can be specified by the user and all backup data can only be accessed by the authorized user, our ClearCenter administrators can't even see it!  Using military grade AES encryption, files are encrypted in transit, stored in encrypted file systems and data remains encrypted.  Your data a secure and you are the only one with the key!  

Keywords: Remote Server

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