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By: Cint  09-12-2011
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Take control of your online relationships with a new standard in panel management
Total flexible solutions offer you endless opportunities

All the functionality you require to manage your panel in one system. Including panelist pages and incentives, survey invitations, live panel statistics, industry leading quality features and much more.

Connect your panels. No matter how many panels you have or how many locations you operate in, all your panels can be networked together and be easily accessed through one dashboard by as many users as you require.

Monetize your panels. By opening your panel's excess capacity in Cint Panel Exchange, you generate an automatic source of income. The activity levels and engagement with your panelists increases and what’s more, you remove the panel management fees.

A SaaS panel management solution. No installing of software is required. Systems support, maintenance and security are all included, and you get continuous upgrades in functionality for free.

Easy Recruitment and Validation
You can easily set up a recruitment process and profiling experience for new panelists as well as validating and profiling existing panel sources. All panelists are double-opt in
Customized membership handling
All contact with members of your panel such as the registration page and invitations emails are created in your look and feel, following your graphic profile, and your language requirements
Connecting panels
No matter how many panels or locations your company has, you can access all your panels through one dashboard
Statistics constantly at hand
You can easily view any statistics regarding your panel such as revenue earned, amount of usage, response rates, number of newly registered panelists, full transaction history, etc
Automated features
Include invoicing the client and paying out incentives to the panelist according to your selected incentives methods
Multiple languages
The tool supports multiple languages and character sets across the globe, making it fast and efficient to set up and manage your multi country panel network
Cross panel data mapping
Even if you have multiple panels with different profiling for each, you can map data points together that are common across the panels making it easy to source sample from multiple panels at once
SaaS solution
Is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), login via the internet 24/7/365, no installing of software is required
Proven panel management system
Used by 100s of panel owners around the world
Gain full control
Project documentation, procurement, incentives and invoicing details are all in the system
Cost savings
Offering you a very competitive price. In addition, if you open your panel to others you will not only save money using Cint Panel Manager, but you will also make money from it
Flexible panel sampling
Cint Sample Access offers you a user friendly way to sample in all your panels from any office in your company. If required top up in external sample through the same dashboard
  1. Set up your panel

    Either import your existing panel/s and or start a new panel.

    To support you with your panel set up we provide standardized templates for all panel pages (including: registration, login, invitations pages), and panel questions which you can be customized to your panel requirements.

    Set the panel parameters, by deciding on level and type of incentives, maximum length of interviews, quarantine periods between surveys etc.

    Transferring your panel
    Once your panel pages and questions have been set up and your panel members have been imported, they are sent a validation email customized to your requirements, with a panel account login where they can check their details. By logging in, their panel account is activated and your members are ready to receive surveys.

    Recruiting a new panel
    The two main ways to build panels is to in-frame a registration page on your website, together with a link from the homepage to encourage members and visitors to join your panel.

    Alternatively you can invite your database of members to join your panel. The invite includes a link to your registration page.

  2. Conducting Surveys

    Use one of the most advanced project management tools in the industry to manage the surveys in your panel (Cint Sample Access). Plus you can use other external panels available in Cint Sample Access.

  3. Invite other users to access your panel

    By opening your panel’s excess capacity in Cint Panel Exchange, you generate an automatic source of income. Plus you improve the activity levels and engagement with your panelists and what’s more, you remove the panel management fees.

Panels open to the marketplace

(available for external access at least 50% of the time)

Panel management fees = None (instead you earn an income)
Conducting surveys in your panel = €0.02 per send out and the panelist incentive, plus a Cint Sample Access user license.

Fee per month (12 month agreement)
User license €55 71,50$

Proprietary panels

(for your use only)

Panel management fees =

Fee per month (12 month agreement)
User license €55 71,50$

This includes access to Cint Sample Access survey tool to conduct surveys in your own panel, and access to external sample.

Plus fees based on number of panelists

(in total regardless of the number of Customer Panels) =

Example fees per month
5 000 €200 260$
10 000 €300 390$
50 000 €900 1 170$

Panels open to the marketplace

(available for external access at least 50% of the time)

Revenue estimation:

Annual income (€s) per active member by panel response rate:

Olivier de Gaudemar

SVP Online Community,



We like to experiment with new things at OTX. A couple of years ago, we created a small online panel, and when it became clear that it was not a strategic asset, we were looking at closing it down. Instead, we decided to manage it with the Cint Panel Manager. Not only did it allow us to keep it running, but at a lower cost and with a more rigorous panel and project management system. Once inside Cint Sample Access, we discovered all the available panels, which was a real thrill since this fits our blended sample approach recruiting respondents from a large variety of sources with a single access point.

On top of all of this, the response rates in our panel more than doubled since we started using the Cint Panel Manager. Something I am happy to share with other users.

OTX (Online Testing eXchange) is a global consumer research and consulting firm that has established itself as a leading provider of online-based research. The company specializes in providing innovative, cutting-edge online technology, products and analysis to the marketing, entertainment and advertising communities. Today OTX is one of the fastest growing research companies in the U.S.

Neil Cary

Panel Director,

Crowdology Panel


Crowdology has been designed with the panelist experience in mind. We put a lot of emphasis on short and fun surveys, delivered with interesting, colourful and user friendly questionnaires. We also work hard to engage with our members, publicising survey results, regular newsletters and offering prize draws.

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Keywords: Data Mapping, Panel Data, Panel Management, Recruitment Process,

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