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By: Cint  09-12-2011
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Access to over 6 million individuals in more than 40 countries
Cut out the quotation process and sample the entire world from your computer

No need to rely on someone else to do your project management. Cint Sample Access is a comprehensive project management tool that allows you to instantaneously check online sample availability and price, and select sample from 100s of panels across the world. Just connect your survey tool, and send out your survey in real-time.

No quotation time required. You no longer need to e-mail back and forth with different panel providers in different markets. Checking sample feasibility and price is an instant process.

Blended sample. You can choose to run surveys in a single panel or blend sample from multiple panels. The latest industry findings confirm blended sampling reduces source bias from any one type of panel recruitment and offers more robust findings which are comparable with other research methodologies.

Free targeting on a comprehensive range of demographic and profiling questions. By targeting your audience you keep your sample costs low and response rates high. Request a demonstration to view all the targeting options available to you.

Full transparency ensures that you know what you get and what you pay for. All participating panel's means of recruitment are described, as are the quarantine periods, the response rates, base prices and incentive methods. In combination with operating in real-time it’s like working in your own, in-house panels.

Instant access to hundreds of panels in over 40 countries
with the number of both increasing constantly
Instant price and feasibility check
including demographic, cross panel questions, and panel specific questions targeting
Easy project set up
Sample selection and send out functions all in the same dashboard
Option to blend sample
Choose to sample from a single panel or blend sample from multiple panels
Free targeting
Using a comprehensive range of demographic and profiling questions
Full quota handling
Choose between standard quotas with country census (representivity), or create your own specific quotas
Live reporting tool
Providing full feedback and breakdown of fieldwork
Automated functions
Includes survey invitations and payment of panelist rewards
Connect your surveytool
Is compatible with virtually all survey tools
Is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), login via the internet 24/7/365, no installing of software is required
Saves time and cost
As you manage all your surveys directly in one system, avoiding the time consuming tendering process, and the need to rely on someone else to manage your fieldwork
Access 24/7
Login and manage your surveys where ever you have access to the internet
The system is totally transparent
Allowing you to view details of all available panels and live survey feedback
Reliable results
Sampling function can blend sample from multiple panels, reducing the source bias from using a single panel
  1. Do a full feasibility check using countries, regions and a detailed range of targeting options
  2. Do an instant price quote for your project by using the Price Calculator
  3. Create a project with your required sample including an unlimited number of selections and quotas
  4. Launch your project by uploading your survey tool URLs and selecting the invitation send out function
    • Full progress statistics
    • Full control and transparency
    • Reminders
  5. All the data is ready for analysis
Fee per month (12 month agreement)
User license €55 71,50$

Sample = on demand pricing (see examples below)
Project Management Fees = None
Quota Fees = None

To use Cint Sample Access just purchase a user license for 12 months. This provides you with a login to the system and unlimited access, 24/7, from your computer, where you can purchase sample at the market price set for each panel. Pricing information on each panel, and a price calculator are available in Cint Sample Access.

Example sample prices:

European consumer sample based on 100% incidence (where you are able to target your audience).

Sample Size: LOI (minutes) CPI Price (€) CPI Price ($)
500 10 3.03 - 3.46 3.93 – 4.50
1000 10 2.46 - 2.79 3.20 – 3.63
5000 10 2.25 - 2.55 2.92 – 3.32

United Minds

Marie Söderqvist Tralau

Senior Advisor and Founder,

United Minds

For our quantitative research in Europe and worldwide we source all respondents through CINT SAMPLE ACCESS™. With CINT SAMPLE ACCESS™ we get global reach, even in target groups that are otherwise tricky to find, and more importantly we get total control.

CINT SAMPLE ACCESS™ delivers a high degree of standardization in our work process and project management while at the same time getting great quality, high speed and efficiency, at a very low price, in return. For our clients, results from CINT SAMPLE ACCESS™, are also considered very reliable which in the last analysis is as important as everything else.

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Keywords: Project Management

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