Market research that complies with industry standards

By: Cint  09-12-2011

Cint's products comply with ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA&ARF quality and personal integrity standards, as well as offering additional functions designed to enhance quality. All publicized panels operate within this controlled framework. As a buyer you can for yourself review information about each panel owner and panel community. You can also review a full range of live statistics for each panel.

Cint Survey Quality Assurance Program - Ensures all projects by sample buyers are set up correctly and that the questionnaire is of the required standard. Since most data errors in research are made in the survey creation phase, Cint puts an emphasis on quality checking every survey reaching the Cint Panel Exchange network. All major and most minor languages issues are forced to be corrected before the project is launched.

Cint's Quality Features

  • Panelist rating – all panelists are scored by their level of survey activity. A high score shows active behaviour, while a lower score shows lower levels of activity. If a score drops to a certain agreed level, panel owners can use this scoring system to automatically clean their panels.
  • Random & Stratified Sampling – within the required targets, sample is randomly generated as well as being stratified by high, medium and low responders.
  • Quarantine settings – Both panelists and panel owners can set the maximum number of surveys received.
  • Exclusions – Panelist are automatically excluded from taking part in surveys in the same subject category or project regardless of panel they belong to.
  • Re-invitations – Re-minder send outs to non participants increase response and sampling efficiency.
  • De-duping - Cint de-duping technology is able to detect and remove duplicates when inviting respondents to complete a specific survey.
  • Professional panelists – At the registration stage personal information including name, address and other specific information is collected to assist in the validation process. Depending on incentive method used, unique identification data is required to redeem incentives such as: id number, home address and bank details.
  • Panel Blending - Sample can be drawn from multiple panels simultaneously to reach hard to find target groups and eliminate source bias, and therefore reaching panelists with different motivation factors. It also allows users to benefit from selecting sample generated by different recruitment methods from CATI recruited panels to panels built from natural online communities, where members have a relationship with the panel owner's brand.
  • Panelists survey rating – Panelist can rate every survey on length, language and logic and other errors in surveys. Panelist longevity is reached by respecting their feedback and their experience in taking surveys. This feedback can help buyers to improve the quality of their surveys, which in turn generates high quality results.
  • Maximum limit on survey length - 27 minutes has been set for panels in the Cint Panel Exchange.
  • Increased performance and security - As user of a SaaS system all users will get continuous updates and security patches and monitoring.
  • Independent study on panel quality – Cint is a contributor to a major industry study on panel quality, conducted by Mkting Inc. The objective of the study is measure panel quality from different providers through asking panelists about their survey behaviour and to measure how buying behaviour results correlates between panels. The early findings are showing that a blended sample, using multiple panel sources, is a more reliable way to conduct online research.

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Countries available through the Cint Panel Exchange marketplace

Rest of Europe AustriaBelgiumBulgariaCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandGreeceIrelandKazakhstanLatviaLithuaniaNetherlandsNorwayPolandPortugalRomaniaRussiaSwedenSwitzerlandTurkeyUkraine. Over 6 million panelists in more than 40 countries.


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