Cholkan + Stepczuk, Chartered Accountants

By: Cholkan  09-12-2011

Listed below are the traditional basic services that you expect most accountants to offer, and then some. These are important because they can lighten your work load and keep you up-to-date with regulatory requirements. We provide these services the same way we approach everything we do - in an effective, helpful, friendly and cost-conscious manner.

We lighten your workload and give you peace of mind when we:

  • Prepare, review and/or audit financial statements
  • Conduct monthly or quarterly bookkeeping, and GST, PST, payroll and other tax filings
  • Provide integrated corporation/shareholder tax planning. Prepare corporation income tax and other tax returns
  • Prepare of annual returns such as T4 payroll, T5 Investments income, Worker's Compensation, etc.
  • Represent you during tax audits(we're used to dealing with tax auditors and can speak their language.)
We also:
  • Recommend computer hardware; recommend and install accounting software and most office software applications
  • Advise and assist in the valuation, purchase and sale of businesses
  • Provide personal tax planning, financial reviews, estate planning and advice
  • Prepare personal income tax returns
  • Advise on estate matters and prepare Trust (Estate) Returns
  • Advise on capital sourcing alternatives
  • Provide in-depth analysis and calculations for litigation and other third party requirements
  • Prepare special filings and reports for professionals.

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