Clinical Case - Azoospermia

Clinical Case - Azoospermia from chlamydia infection

By: chlamydia infection  26-11-2012
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Name: M. Hall Sex: M Age: 34 Nationality: the United States Statement: Low sperm motility, slight ED, pain with sexual intercourses for 17 months. Previous Tests/Dianosis: Semen Volume: 3.1mls Liquefaction: No liquefaction after 2 hrs. PH: 8.0 Motility:6%-52% Chlamydia: Positive Azooerpermia Medical History: Dexycycline for 10 days Tetracycline Azithromycin 1 g orally in a single dose for 14 days Management: 3 courses Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Sig:P.o 25grms/Bid with dietary requirement: no alcohol, milk, fished, seafoods, beef, chicken, onions, spicies Result: Chlamydia: Negative Semen Volume: 3.2mls Liquefaction: Complete within 26 mins PH: 8.0 Motility: 47%-76% Chlamydia: Negative No more pain since three courses medication ended. ED diminished 4 weeks after that.

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