Chilldor - mobile apps development

By: Chilldor  09-12-2011

Technologies & platforms

We are fluent with the following technologies and platforms:

In addition to the abovementioned platforms, we are competent with mobile technologies (SMS, MMS, WAP, xHTML), connectivity protocols (SMPP, EMI, CIMD, etc) and VoIP protocols (H.323, SIP, etc).

The only major platform for what we do


do development for is Windows Mobile.

Pricing & Clients

Our software team is working either on:

  • estimate-based model, where the client sends us a specification, we estimate the cost, client approves it and we develop it, or
  • actual hours based model, where the client is billed monthly for actual hours logged by our team

The first pricing model is preferrable for a new project with a new client, if it involves clearly defined project specification. Clients prefer the second model for longer-term projects with evolving  requirements.

We have developed mobile applications for local and international clients, such as


Other products and services from Chilldor


Chilldor - mobile marketing

Includes interactive reporting, real-time prize delivery and dynamic management that make this excellent alternative marketing choice. Emotional reaction, SMS allows to instantly channel that emotion to immediate response by mobile phone. WAP and voice based service for marketing campaigns and promotions. Innovative advertising services in your pocket. Established and growing channel for marketing.


Chilldor - mobile banking

It empowers your members to access their accounts for balance inquiries, transaction history and funds transfer from their cell phone. It can supports multiple account types, languages, alert threshold levels to make full-service banking available anywhere, anytime.. Mobile banking is compatible with any text-enabled mobile device and all Canadian mobile phone carriers.