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By: Charter Committee  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dispute Resolution

Business by its very nature involves partnerships and contracts and it is these bonds and agreements which are the foundation for much growth and success. However, at times these relationships turn sour and conflicts arise. These differences can be quite explosive and can bring production to a grinding halt.

The Dispute Resolution Service provided by WISE Member Charter Committees offer a chance to resolve these differences equitably but more importantly the means of restoring the confidence and trust upon which the relationship was founded.

Contact a Charter Committee to find out how you can use their services. Below are common questions you may here:

Fees vary depending upon the size and complexity of the dispute. Charter Committees, however keep their services accessible through economical and non-exclusive fees schedules, for as once remarked: “There can be no personal security without easily accessible, swift and fair justice with a group.”

Disputes are resolved via mediation, a procedure which works to bring about agreement between disputing parties. Conducted by WISE Member Charter Committees these mediations exclusively employ L. Ron Hubbard’s techniques and have an unprecedented 98% success rate.

Regardless of how "irreconcilable" a dispute may seem, use the Dispute Resolution Service offered by Charter Committees. It has become the hallmark of standard dispute handlings that parties who felt they could never again be on good terms, leave the dispute handling with a complete resolution AND on excellent terms.

Once the dispute has been resolved, the dispute handler draws up the agreement which both parties agree to abide by.

The result of a mediation is an agreement which has been entered into by two parties in good faith, on their own free will. Charter Committees fully expect that the terms of a standardly conducted dispute resolution will be adhered to and in almost all cases they are. If, however, a dispute has been resolved standardly and one of the parties is not keeping to the terms of the agreement, then the necessary ethics actions are done so that the matter is sorted out and the terms of the agreement kept. Such agreements are legally binding and are upheld.

All persons requesting the use of the Dispute Resolution Line are required to be WISE members. However, in no way is this service to be construed as exclusive. Many businesspeople have signed with WISE for the first time ever as one of the rudimentary steps of getting their dispute resolved and WISE actually encourages all businesspeople to avail themselves of this service.

Being a WISE member establishes that the party is committed to honoring high ethical standards as well as applying administrative technology, both of which are key to getting the dispute resolved.

Recourse does exist and parties may appeal to WISE to have a dispute handling reviewed to ensure dispute resolution procedure was adhered to and that the findings were just.

Keywords: Dispute Resolution

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