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By: Charter Committee  09-12-2011

Charter Committees provide numerous business ethics services. These inevitably begin with a personal interview to gain an understanding of the situation or problem one is encountering. With a good grasp of this, our Charter member can choose the correct ethics procedure to be applied and assist you in the application of it to your circumstances.

Education is always a part of our programs as these prevent the same problem from reoccurring. Thus we provide and recommend courses which train one in the very ethics procedures used by the Charter member—so you can resolve such situations yourself.

Surviving in the business world can often be a challenge. Although some view business as a dog-eat-dog world, one of the more challenging aspects is the recurring necessity to decide what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. These are often complex and difficult decisions. The subject of ethics encompasses this aspect of business. This course shows the negative consequences of unethical behavior in business, what ethics really are, how to apply ethics on a day-to-day basis, and how to improve the workplace through the use of ethics.

Compromising one’s personal integrity because of social and economic pressure leads to failure and loss. This course addresses the basics of honesty and personal integrity not just in the world of work, but in all of life as well.

This course provides tools to help one understand people and their behavior and to help predict what they are likely to do on the job or off. It teaches how to observe, evaluate and predict human behavior.

The inability to communicate can destroy a career, a business relationship, or a sale. The greater a person’s ability to communicate, the greater his potential for success. The ability to professionally handle communication plays no small role in the demonstration of competence. The ability to communicate can be learned and developed. This course teaches one to communicate without tension or nervousness, to get ideas across clearly and distinctly and to guide and control communication in business or any situation. It includes a series of eighteen practical drills on the fundamentals of successful communication.

In any workplace, excellent communication and relations among employees are key; it is the oil that lubricates the workings and allows for coordination. Without excellent communication, difficulties arise and production slows. This course teaches the basics of human relations.

Personal problems, whether from home or work-related, can take their toll on one’s performance at work. This course addresses the influences in a person’s life which cause him to go up and down in life and become a source of trouble to himself and others.

This course teaches the exact operating states or conditions a business or organizational activity can find itself in. Then it provides the exact steps to improve each operating state or condition.

This course teaches the fundamentals of holding a position of managerial or administrative responsibility in an organization. It covers management functions, leadership and the duties and skills of an executive.

An effective leader is valuable in our society, the importance of leadership cannot be downplayed. This course identifies the elements of effective leadership and how to achieve them.

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