mLearning and priority communications on BlackBerry® smartphones

By: Chalk Media  09-12-2011

Chalk’s solutions are centered on driving business efficiencies and improving productivity through interactive and effective mobile communications.

More and more, workforces are dispersed and on-the-move. IDC predicts that by 2011, an astounding 75 percent of the U.S. workforce will be mobile. In line with this trend, the adoption rate of smartphones is soaring. It is predicted that the number of smartphones will exceed the number of laptops in the next 5 years.

The mobility trend has amazing advantages, but it also brings some communication challenges, namely:

  • Achieving 100 percent completion rates on required training
  • Distributing critical communications effectively
  • Distributing confidential information securely

It is these challenges that Chalk's product, Chalk Pushcast Software, addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even when a device is full, an intelligent cache management system enables the delivery of new content by removing the oldest content; leaving a direct link for accessibility. The Chalk Pushcast Software Policy Pack includes three key policies that control how and when the Player dowloads content when no Wi-Fi connection is present.


Extend training to smartphones with Mobile chalkboard pushcasts

Mobile workforces can complete required training and compliance courseware when convenient, and managers with on-the-move teams can make resources and refreshers available as digestible nuggets of information that are, quite literally, at their teams’ fingertips.


Smartphone Learning | mobile content authoring, management & delivery

Users receive multimedia-rich and interactive content through an application on the BlackBerry smartphone, which acts as a portal where dynamic courses and updates are delivered and tracked. Chalk Pushcast Software is a cutting edge communication tool that helps organizations to effectively train and engage their on the move audiences. A survey and test wizard makes interactive mobile content extremely easy to create.


BlackBerry® Courses | Mobile off-the-shelf content library

The library’s modules are focused on the needs of the average BlackBerry smartphone user, with topics all about getting more out of your handheld - based on the most common “How do I…?. The typical BlackBerry® end user converts 60 minutes of downtime into productive time per day, which equates to 250 hours per year in recovered downtime.


Mobile chalkboard | mLearning and Priority Communications

A pushcast is an engaging piece of media-rich and tracked content that is easy to create and, with the aid of our advanced technology, pushed out to the people who need it - when they need it. Chalk's products help organizations communicate with and support their mobile audiences in a way that is intelligent, flexible and secure.


Priority communications on mobile phones with Mobile chalkboard pushcasts

As a communication tool, Chalk Pushcast Software allows executives to communicate strategy and business critical updates in a high impact way while for the first time actually tracking, to ensure that communications are both received and understood. Media-rich content in a dedicated communication channel elevates the visibility and profile of important messages while at the same time providing real time usage and comprehension metrics.