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By: Centre For The Arts  09-12-2011
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The Intensive                                                                             Registration, Schedule and Course                                                                                   An intimate acting for camera  workshop with a class size of just 12 actors, allowing for maximum time on camera.


  • January 4th 2012 – February 3rd 2012
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 12-6 pm.
  • Note: Saturday, January 28th 10-2 pm

Location: Course will be held at Toronto’s TarragonTheatre: 30 Bridgman Ave. Toronto, ON M5R 1X3

Course: Actors will:

  • work on a feature scene over the entirety of the four weeks, to be presented on Friday, February 3rd
  • work typical TV series’ scenes each class, in addition to his/her feature scene
  • study camera techniques, ‘tricks’, that enables the actor to best use the medium
  • begin the Intensive with the necessary basics: maintaining privacy within a scene,  playing naturally, revealing, learning to work step-by-step
  • have workshops within the Intensive:
  • meet with a TV series writer to discuss the actor’s job, types, network demands, advertisers, and genres.
  • learn to work with words, images, with an expert speaker of the text
  • put the work in an audition setting, with a guest casting director
  • put the work on set, with a guest cinematographer
  • conclude the Intensive by returning to the basics, reviewing key concepts, and examining what tools are most helpful in regards to the work
  • All work is recorded on personal DVD’s, which each actor will receive on the final day

Course Fee:      $1,695 ($1,500 + HST)

  •  $250 deposit is required upon Acceptance into the course in order to guarantee an actor’s place
  • Auditors are welcome to attend. Auditors must attend a minimum of 3 classes. The auditing fee is $75 ($25/class)
  • All fees are payable through: PayPal, cheque, or cash and final payment must be received by January 3,2012
  • No refunds or money transfers towards other classes

To register: Please send your resume, photo, phone number and email address to You will receive a reply saying either Accepted or on the Waiting List. 

Make cheques payable to John Boylan and mail to:          Centre for the Arts,       14 Afton Ave., Toronto, ON  M6J 1R7

“The constant sense that we were being encouraged to express how we were experiencing what was taking place. The transparency with which you teach and the intuitive structure enhances the sense of freedom each actor has to be themselves and to accept and own where they are at.”       Justin Tensen, actor

The Intensive                                                                                                                                  The best work is often the result of an intense and in depth period of concentrated effort. This is also the way an actor makes significant gains in his overall abilities. If you’ve acted in the theatre, for example, you know how great a distance you travel and how much you progress in a 3 – 4 week rehearsal period. An acting intensive can have the same rewards.

The Intensive acting class at Centre for the Arts is designed for you to progress beyond what you thought possible and to do so in a short period of time. Over four weeks this January, working four days a week and six hours each day, you’ll work with a small handful of like-minded actors to develop your skills in working effectively – and successfully –  in front of the camera. In this class you’ll work with current film and television screenplays and master today’s realistic acting style. We’ll explore and work under typical filming conditions and learn to develop the strong personal centre that’s required. We’ll also explore in depth the audition, and how to master it. We’ll work to develop your individual acting style and help you understand what you have to offer and how the camera perceives you. We’ll address all the questions you have about the work and becoming the actor you want to be. Another important benefit is having the time to be “relentless” – to work a scene or address an acting problem you may be facing over and over again until you’ve broken through. You’ll benefit as well from the familiarity of working with the group day after day. The need to “get it right” and impress your peers will drop away allowing you to access the skills you know you have.

Centre for the Arts is a member of TAAS (Toronto Association of Acting Studios) and TAPA (Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts)

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Keywords: Acting, Actor, Camera