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By: CBI  09-12-2011

CBI Eldercare Services specializes in the provision of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to elder populations in both community and in-home settings. As leaders in the delivery of rehabilitation care, CBI Eldercare Services creates an important contribution to the quality of people's lives. Our innovative rehabilitation and restorative care programs are driven by the needs of our clients, their families and facility staff. CBI Eldercare Services mission is to improve, maintain and maximize optimal health of our clients resulting in increased independence, safety, function and quality of life.

We provide timely access to experienced, dedicated and highly skilled care professionals. Our practitioners continually strive to deliver the highest quality of care that is specific, goal oriented and client centred.

We have a proven track record as a results-oriented, outcomes-driven partner in both hospital and community-based facilities. Our partnerships receive expedited access to rehabilitation assessment, treatment and educational services as well as centralized management.

Our clients are our first priority. We promote their rights and responsibilities, and give them the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Dignity, compassion and respect form the foundation of every service we provide.

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CBI Home Health works with individuals of all ages and abilities

We offer an array of services in a setting that is most convenient to you.Our goal is to assist clients to achieve maximum independence, function and related quality of life as it addresses each individual's unique challenges and needs. CBI Home Health works with individuals of all ages and abilities.


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CBI Eldercare Services practitioners conduct formal comprehensive assessments on individuals to identify their current functional status, rehabilitation needs and potential for improvement. Our staff training programs provides practice guidance in reducing the risk of falls to residents and injury to staff. Restorative care including walking and exercise programming. Resident Health and Wellness Programs.