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By: CAST Software  09-12-2011

Membership has its benefits

Get these benefits ..

Doesn't every production professional need to stay abreast of new production and lighting technologies and fixtures? Obviously. And the best way to join the best - become a wysiwyg Member.

As long as you are a Valid Member, which means that you have agreed to the terms of this EULA and that your Product Registration Information is current, correct and complete, and that the Dongle status is a Full Access Dongle which entitles the End User to the full rights and benefits ascribed End Users because their Membership Period or Lease Term is current.

all the new technology Releases
all Hot Fixes/Patches
regular updates to our ever-expanding searchable libraries (currently more than 20,000 intelligent objects)
conventional and automated fixtures, all tested and verified
gobos from over 27 manufacturers & gel colours from 18 product lines
texture files for customizing your shows
tables and chairs, place settings, linens and drapes
projectors and screens
risers, podium, movable stages
the ubiquitous manikins
Library notes detailing all recent updates to every section of the library
unlimited Technical Support, during our regular office hours
automatic notification of promotions, reminder to renew your Membership Period or Lease Term, and special discounts that save you $$
bimonthly e-newsletter - "The wysiwyg Plan" or "the Vivien News".
There's even more. Did You Know?

Members also receive additional special privileges you may not be aware of.

The wysiwyg Tool Box enables Members to install and use wysiwyg's render engine and wysiwyg's movie-making tool, CamStudio, on any or many computers for free without the need for another dongle. For example, you are a lighting designer using wysiwyg, your production team has made a number of last minute changes, and you now have to redesign your plots and get buy-in from the team. You can do your plotting/planning and pre-cueing on one machine and use another or several others to render and make movies.
Responding to production professionals working under the gun, CAST Software's Library Department provides non-certified, Beta version fixture profiles should you need something that is not currently in wysiwyg's Library, comprising more than 20,000 items, often on a one day turnaround provided you can give us enough technical information about the fixture. These Beta fixture profiles are for your single-purpose use and will be only added to our Library after normal testing.
How does the Membership work?

For Members (which excludes all Educational and Learn products and wysiwyg Console Edition)

The annual Membership Period runs for 12 months commencing on the date it is activated by CAST. All End Users of any CAST software, other than our DV, Educational and Learn Products and wysiwyg CE, get the first Annual Membership included absolutely free as a benefit of purchasing wysiwyg.

After the first year, you will need to renew your Annual Membership. The renewal period commences the day after the Membership expires or expired, regardless of when a User renews it.

For example, if your Annual Membership expired on 31 May 08 and you renew on 15 October 08, the new Membership period runs continuously from 31 May 08 to expire 12 months later (on 31 May 09). In other words, there are no gaps in your Membership period. If it has lapsed for a number of years, it may be cheaper to purchase a new wysiwyg.

For Leases

Need more power?

Frequently, as you get busier and want to boost your performance so you can take on more demanding and rewarding work, you need to Upgrade wysiwyg so that you have all the perks that come with a Valid Membership. CAST has made it more economic for you to become more efficient.

In fact, CAST offers a special incentive called special bundles for Members who want to invest in their productivity by renewing their Membership Period and Upgrading at the same time.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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Finally, by interaction with CAST, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the License, and add Membership Periods or Lease Terms so that End Users continue to be entitled to receive future Product Updates, technical support and other benefits available only for End Users with Valid Memberships.


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As Standard Support is a benefit included with an Annual Membership and current Lease Term, ineligible End Users and users of Education / CE Products will not receive Standard Support. Technical support is available free of charge to authorized End Users who are current Members or have a current Lease Term. Enquiries received after 16:00ET will be processed the next business day. Unlimited for registered Product Users.


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