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By: CAST Software  09-12-2011

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is the tagline for wysiwyg - and we mean for you to take it literally. wysiwyg previsualizations and renders are really virtually real! What you see in your renders or on screen is exactly what you can get on the set, in the venue or on the exterior of the building. Why is this so important? Because your professionalism depends on it!

You need to know that you can deliver the results as portrayed for the project - and that's the solution wysiwyg delivers. With new wysiwyg you get both the pretty picture and the confidence you can deliver it - a win-win. No more working off a pretty picture that was created without industry technology and therefore cannot possibly deliver the results as promised. With a proprietary library of over 20,000 lights, gobos, and trusses we simply don't need to cheat it!

wysiwyg's visualization sets the standard for the industry, but the ongoing development of our new features and visualizations has not sacrificed robustness or performance. Indeed, a lot of work has taken place "behind the scenes" to increase the speed.

U2 - 360 Tour

wysiwyg is an Emmy and Gemini award-winning software suite that continues to be the top choice of production professionals worldwide. Some of the prestigious events that wysiwyg has contributed to include the Nobel Peace Prize Awards, Eurovision Song Contest, the Queen's Jubilee at Buckingham Palace, numerous Olympics ceremonies, Cirque du Soleil's Delirium, and concert productions for U2 and Elton John. Large theatrical venues, from the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to the new Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, rely on wysiwyg. Major film productions like Harry Potter, Spiderman, X-Men, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory make extensive use of wysiwyg also.

Torino 2006 winter olympics

wysiwyg began as a DOS product launched in 1994 running on a 396 desktop. It has morphed to become a Windows-based product in 2002 and today runs on MAC and PC XP or Vista operating systems. Initially a single product, wysiwyg now delivers previsualization solutions at 3 levels to meet the creative and delivery demands of production professionals, as well as architects, meetings and special events planners/designers, and schools. As we introduce the new wysiwyg - and a new higher standard for the industry - keep in mind that our milestone advances are available on all the ranges of our software - Report through Perform, from the Learn through the Production Professional versions. Check out the Features Comparison Chart to see which product suits you best.

wysiwyg comes in these products and levels

Depending on which wysiwyg product, the following features are included


Comprising of more than 20,000 lights, gobos, trusses, etc., wysiwyg's Library is one of the most valuable components of our software, often sought after by others - from LEDs to automated lights, all types of fixtures from all regions of the world, making wysiwyg the only solution for truly international professionals.

Remember, only wysiwyg certifies that all additions to the Library are completely accurate and fully reliable. Many hours are invested and a rigorous standard testing protocol is used for each library item to ensure model accuracy and reliability. As well, all Library fixtures and accessories are tested in wysiwyg before we release them to you. New additions to the Library are added all the time, so keep your eye on the website.

Are you a Production Professional who also manages venue layouts, produces events, or liaises with event planners/designers, venues, caterers or service providers? Use Vivien to increase your planning efficiency.

Both wysiwyg and Vivien share the same capabilities that produce the same efficiencies and stunning results.


CAST offers you the option to purchase or lease a licence for wysiwyg or Vivien - an especially attractive option for new and occasional users. Whether you purchase or lease a licence, you will own the dongle which is part of the initial purchase. Like the ignition key to your car, the dongle is your key to operating your software.

Your first year Membership is included with your purchase, after which you must renew your annual Membership in order to receive the Membership benefits.

Alternatively the lease option may work better for you if you think that because you use wysiwyg or Vivien occasionally or for only a short time each year. Leasing will save up-front $$ because the cost of a lease is substantially less than the cost of buying it outright. This is also good news for people who want to try our software before buying it.

If you lease your licence, you get the same Membership benefits included during the current term of your lease.

Doesn't every production professional need to stay abreast of new production and lighting technologies and fixtures?

Obviously. And the best way is to join the best -- become a wysiwyg Member to get all of these benefits:

Your personalized, registered dongle is your key to accessing wysiwyg wherever you go. Plug into the USB port of any computer on which wysiwyg is installed and you can open wysiwyg with all the rights according to your Membership.

Part of the CAST security system, created to protect your dongle and creative work, is the dongle reauthorization program which periodically tests your dongle to ensure it continues to meet our specifications and allows us to notify you about important software updates.


wysiwyg has been the industry standard and in many Lighting Designer's toolbox for years, but few value the convenience and results alone and don't stop to consider the eco-friendly decision it creates.

At CAST Software, going "green" goes beyond an energy-saving light or reduction of waste. It embodies a different way of working, which turns into enormous savings of energy, time and manpower through the pre-planning and pre-visualization of lighting design, interfacing with other mech technologies, pre-cuing and realtime playback.

wysiwyg is a computer lighting programming system whereby a major amount of lighting programming can be undertaken in the virtual world.

Programming and previsualizing a complete show offsite trades off the power consumption of a computer versus the megawatts of power consumed running the lights (not to mention the enormous cost of air conditioning, rent and labour in the venue) during an otherwise unneeded extended setup period.

The savings can be estimated and this fact can give you the edge in winning large projects and special events.

Compare our punch to the others. Compare wysiwyg's features, look, intuitive ease, depth and breadth of its libraries, tech support, renders, the previzualization. Make sure you compare what wysiwyg delivers, in one comprehensive program, to the others. It sometimes takes more than 2 independent softwares to deliver what wysiwyg does - but also consider the inefficiencies of working on 2 softwares, back and forth, as well as the added expense.

Do the comparison. We think you will agree that Design is the best in the market priced at $2499 - a tremendous bang for your buck!

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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CAST Software - dongle

Finally, by interaction with CAST, it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the License, and add Membership Periods or Lease Terms so that End Users continue to be entitled to receive future Product Updates, technical support and other benefits available only for End Users with Valid Memberships.


CAST Software - membership

All End Users of any CAST software, other than our DV, Educational and Learn Products and wysiwyg CE, get the first Annual Membership included absolutely free as a benefit of purchasing wysiwyg. Doesn't every production professional need to stay abreast of new production and lighting technologies and fixtures. The renewal period commences the day after the Membership expires or expired, regardless of when a User renews it.


CAST Software - techsupport

As Standard Support is a benefit included with an Annual Membership and current Lease Term, ineligible End Users and users of Education / CE Products will not receive Standard Support. Technical support is available free of charge to authorized End Users who are current Members or have a current Lease Term. Enquiries received after 16:00ET will be processed the next business day. Unlimited for registered Product Users.


CAST Software - wyg quickstarttutorial

Understanding the user interface Creating a set Defining hanging positions Hanging and focusing fixtures Assigning fixture attributes Building lighting looks in Design mode Creating and modifying reports Working in the new plots view Creating and modifying layouts Patching fixtures Connecting to a console Using streaming video. This interactive tutorial is intended to guide the beginner user through the creation of a basic wysiwyg file.