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By: Care Management Group  09-12-2011
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Care Management Group is bringing a refreshingly efficient, evidence based and personalized approach to patient care. Clinics in the Care Management Group network are part of a select group of facilities that go to great lengths to ensure delivery of exceptional treatment and rehabilitation services to all patients. There is a united goal to guide each patient toward their maximum recovery and an overall enhanced quality of life through evidence-based care.

We are an emerging leader in health care delivery solutions and we strive to work with like-minded health care professionals and facilities. As part of our select clinic roster, you have the confidence that your facility is well respected by patients, medical doctors and insurance companies. This allows for direct patient referrals, liaisons with patients’ medical doctors, and timely approvals of treatment plans.

Care Management Group is transforming the way the industry thinks about health, and changing the approach to healthcare in the process. Care Management Group is committed to being at the forefront of industry changes to ensure that patient management is never compromised. This allows clinics in our roster to maintain a strong standing within the insurance and auto accident claim industries. Our goal is to set a new standard in health and injury management in order to achieve optimal outcomes for patients.

Care Management Group offers the following services to our network of clinics;

Preferred Provider Network

When working with Care Management Group, we will support the growth of your practice in a reputable environment by increasing patient volume. Our management team receives constant patient referrals from our sources which need to be managed with the highest standard in
health care.

Case Management

We take on the responsibility of completing paperwork, and allow clinics to focus on and control designing treatment plans and administering care. Through our processes, we refer patients to the clinic that best fits their specific treatment or rehabilitative requirements. Our effective management results in minimized paperwork for clinics while ensuring that patient’s needs are met without excess funds. This allows providers to maintain a strong standing within the insurance and auto accident claim industries.

Affiliation with Medical Doctors

Our health care management group prides itself on working directly with Medical Doctors whose vision is to obtain optimal care for their patients. We assist MDs with directing rehabilitative care for their patients. As part of the Care Management Group team, your facility earns the reputation as a respected provider in the medical field, thus strengthening your presence amongst health care providers.


Care Management Group offers various types of medical evaluations provided by a select group of experienced medical professionals. We issue thoroughly objective, reliable and defensible written reports in a time-sensitive and professional manner. Care Management Group is able to coordinate a seamless, professional and timely referral only for relevant and required cases.

Keywords: Accident Claim, health care, Health Care Professionals, Rehabilitation Services

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Care Management Group further co-ordinates all aspects of patient care including therapy and assessment needs in order to provide appropriate care that is patient focused and in agreeance with physicians directions. In working with Care Management Group, your patients will have access to full and comprehensive rehabilitation services and state of the art therapies.


Care Management Group - Services - assessments

This report details all the physical demands of the employee's position, mobility and strength requirements, in addition to identifying any potential hazards in the work site environment, which are determined based on our clinicians’ extensive knowledge of accident and injury causes.