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By: Carbonfree Technology  09-12-2011

If your organization has spare land, it can be an ideal location for a solar power system.

The main options to choose from are:

  • Fixed tilt systems – The solar modules face south and are tilted at an angle which optimizes the annual output given the latitude and climate.
  • Single-axis tracking systems – The support structure moves, using an electric or hydraulic actuator, enabling the solar modules to follow the sun from east to west each day. These systems can be flat, such that the modules are horizontal at noon, or tilted such that the modules face south at noon.
  • Two-axis tracking systems – The support structure moves both east-west and north-south, enabling the solar modules to follow the sun as it passes overhead each day, remaining perpendicular to it. These systems can be mounted on poles or on larger turntables.

Which solution would be best for you will depend on the amount of land you have available, the latitude and climate, and factors such as the expected cost of maintaining trackers at your location. CarbonFree Technology would be happy to work with your organization to determine which solution is optimal.

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Because of the association between solar power and electric vehicles, some clients offer priority shaded parking for hybrid and electric cars, or even locate vehicle recharging stations under their solar canopies. In addition to generating electricity, they provide shade for parked cars and can turn hot, exposed areas into pleasant, shaded ones.


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Each solution has relative advantages, and the choice of which approach is best for your facility will be influenced by the age of the roof, its ability to support additional weight, any expected snow cover and whether or not you would like the system to be visible from street level.