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By: Cantax  09-12-2011

LetÂ’s face it., The bulk of our work happens in a few short months, every year. Time is limited (there are only 720 hours in April!), and everyone is knocking on your door.

And like any business person, you want your clients to be happy and come back for more - preferably in all the months of the year. How do you maximize your efficiency and give your clients more than they expect?

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Cantax - CCH Canadian - T PlusEfile

Then, you need to use CRA-certified compliance software such as Cantax T1Plus with EFILE.EFILE and SEND supportAs a discounter, you issue refunds in advance, minus your compensation, and then collect the refund from the CRA - so unknown debts on a taxpayer?s file are a big risk to your business. The System for Electronic Notification of Debt informs discounters immediately of any outstanding debts that will affect the amount of the return.


Cantax - CCH Canadian

Your personal and credit card information is secure since we use the standard "Secure Sockets" feature of Windows to encrypt your data before it leaves your computer.When the purchase is authorized, the tax return is permanently marked with the corporation number and taxation year end date, which cannot be changed.


Cantax - CCH Canadian - TaxSuite

FormMaster Gold includes more than 450 slips and forms, including everything in the basic version plus T4A-RCA and T737-RCA slips and summaries, forms for source withholdings and sales tax, including most GST forms. Add EFILE to your TaxSuite to save time and money EFILE for T1s or Corporation Internet Filing for T2s is secure, confidential and fast, and it means your clients get their returns as fast as two weeks later.


Cantax - CCH Canadian - FormMaster

Save considerable data entry time with features such as automatic cross-referencing of other forms for calculations, and import from other forms, slips and even spreadsheets, and export to slips as well. With spreadsheets and other data sources, with client letters and review notes, even easier startup and printing. Trust returns are easyQuickly prepare trust returns with FormMaster?s full set of T3 forms and calculations.