Canada Adopts! Is A Place To Meet Canadians Who Are Passionate About Adoption

By: Canada Adopts  09-12-2011
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What We Are

Canada Adopts! is a meeting place for Canadians who are passionate about adoption.

And yet despite everything that has been done over the last few decades to open up the process, adoption is still largely understood by most Canadians. We hope that by drawing on the latest information and on the experiences and expertise of all members of the adoption triad, we can provide hopeful adoptive parents and birth parents the tools they need to make informed decisions about all apects of their adoption journey.

Just so you know we're not an agency. We're here to help make your life easier, and maybe even help you change it. Our main focus is on assisting waiting couples to adopt a baby through the open adoption process. That’s what we know best and where we feel we can make the biggest difference.

You see, in open adoption hopeful parents in some provinces can save valuable time and money by finding their child themselves. That's how we became parents, and that's how our services have helped dozens of other waiting families become parents as well.

So, whatever stage you're at, feel free to visit us -- and use us. Because at the end of the day, we're all in this together. Adoption may not be everyone's first choice, but for so many of us here it has been by far the best choice.

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Keywords: Adoption, Birth Parents

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