Sales Selection and Recruiting Solution with Assessment Tests, Video Interviews and Benchmarks

By: Callidus Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sales Roles

Sales Selector delivers a unique combination of online video interviewing, assessment testing, and team benchmarking designed to enable sales managers to rapidly evaluate candidates based on selling technique, sales temperament, and proven performance. This patent-applied-for combination enables sales managers to effectively and quickly gain a 360-degree view of candidates in terms of their temperament, experience, and how they compare to the existing team of the hiring manager, in a single console. The solution accelerates the sales selection and hiring processes, so managers can interview more sales candidates more rapidly, while reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Sales Selector incorporates the following fully integrated combination of sales candidate profiling capabilities:

  • Sales Interview: Use this fully integrated video and audio solution to rapidly screen and interview sales candidates over the web anywhere, anytime, on a moment's notice. Sales Interview is packaged with out-of-the-box behavioral questions based on sales role, designed from research of behavioral sales interviewing.
  • Sales Test: Leverage the power of Callidus' industry-leading Salesforce Assessments technology to administer rapid sales temperament tests. Assess each candidate's temperament for selling, as well as each individual's suitability for particular sales roles based on 18 unique selling styles. You'll receive a 10-page secure report that details the candidate's competitive advantages and challenges, along with built-in coaching recommendations to increase the predictability of success.
  • Sales Benchmarking: Compare your existing sales team with new candidates to assess their likelihood to succeed based on proven high performance in their organization. The benchmark is powered by Callidus' Closeness of Fit algorithm, a patent-pending benchmarking dashboard for sales selection.
  • Sales 360-Review: Share the details of a candidate's profile instantly with your colleagues. You'll get a 360-degree online, secure feedback from multiple locations and offices with no travel costs, meeting time, or scheduling hassles.

Key Benefits

  • Know Your Candidates.. When you see and hear your candidate, you get much more insight than a resume or a phone call ever could provide.
  • Save Time and Money.. Video interviewing and 360-degree reviews enable faster meetings and more collaboration without the cost and logistical hassle of travel.
  • Be Certain.. With detailed assessments, best-fit analysis, collaborative reviews, and video interviews, Callidus Sales Selector provides an unprecedented layer of security and information.
  • Work Effortlessly.. With the Callidus Cloud built on a 100% multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure, your content is secure, your transactions are blazing fast, and your work environment is totally intuitive.

Sales Selector is delivered as part of Callidus Cloud 100% multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure. The solution is designed from the ground up to be rapid and easy to use, requiring no hardware or software to install, and no training.

Keywords: Sales Roles

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